Are You A 95%er or a 5%er?

Bernadette Janson

I was reminded last week of an understated but very valuable principal I learned at an early age. I have very vivid memories of my father’s car shopping expeditions , the dance between salesmen before arriving home in the latest model, having paid far less than any other customers who we referred to as the 95%ers – they  only ever get a discount if they are prepared to settle for a yuk color, a demo or equivalent inferiority, 5%ers on the other had will seek to get exactly what they want at the price they want to pay.


Fast forward to now. I had a recent example of the 5%er behavior reaping rewards for little effort, and it didn’t need negotiation.
A couple of weeks ago our hydro boil tap broke down, it was also due for a new filter so I called Zip .I got a quote of: $90 call out plus $118/hour plus parts .

The filter was a further $175 .

It was all plus GST.


The mental arithmetic was doing my head in, it was  a tap I wanted fixing, not brain surgery..


A 95%er would suck it up and pay the price but a 5%er would have a go at another way. I wouldn’t fatten my piggy bank if I spent hours on the phone.


I sourced the filter part number from the Zip Industries website and did a Google search and found it for $99. I emailed the plumber who was selling and asked if he knew a Zip authorized technician, which he did. The second quote was exactly half the price of the first quote. $200 for 10 minutes work, not bad.


So what side of the fence are you on? Are you a 95%er or a 5%er?