How To Find A Bathroom Bargain

Bernadette Janson

While on the subject of bathrooms, I find it staggering how much the cost of some building materials has reduced in recent times. Like everything most are manufactured in China and the quality is so good that a lot  of the traditional companies have manufacturing done there.  It is almost impossible to find any tap ware made in Australia, even the large iconic brands.

Generally speaking we spend around 1- 1.5% of a properties’ value on the bathroom and of that budget 30-40% is materials.

If you are a bit savvy about how you shop, the difference in price  between ordinary and sublime is often negligible making a stunning bathroom with in the reach of most budgets.I have added some comparison images to demonstrate the point. Often the only difference between the two products is the glossy brochure.

Many plumbing suppliers will stock these products but may not show unless you ask. Also we are in the process of adding some of the suppliers we have used to our resource page  and there will be some bathroom suppliers included shortly.