Tips For Laying Out And Remodeling A Tiny Bathroom.

Bernadette Janson



Small bathrooms present a challenge The bathroom is a place where a lot of import activity happens and feeling cramped while you are drying off after a shower or blow-drying your hair can be very uncomfortable. As with any project the first place to head is sites like for some inspiration, to check out how the professionals tackle the problem.

Here are some tips that we have used to create both real and perceived space in small bathrooms.

Limit What You Put In.

The basin and shower are essential but if you have a separate toilet as well it would make sense to not include a toilet in the bathroom.  The other big item is the bath. If there is already a bath in the home, a second will not add further  value, however if it’s the only bath then it must stay.  Leaving the  home with no bath will affect your resale value. Instead opt for a shower over the bath, while it is not ideal it's preferable to no bath.

Borrow Some Space

Look for space in rooms adjacent to the bathroom where you can steal some extra floor area. Even an area as small as the width of a wardrobe to push your shower recess out can make a massive difference to the available space.

Here we have pushed out the wall about 300mm to recess the toilet. Used a back to wall suite with inwall cistern ( Total only 500mm deep) and positioned the toilet behind the door so its impact on the small bathroom is negligible.

Assess The Access

Look at how and where you enter the room. Sometimes simply changing the side the door swings from can improve the use of the space.

Consider Wall Hung Vanity And /Or Toilet Suite

Lifting these items up off the floor not only look classy but they increase floor space and make the bathroom look and feel bigger.

Include Plenty Of Towel Rails, Hooks And Storage (Wall Mounted ) 

Keeping as much a possible up off the floor preserves the valuable floor space . Don’t forget to include some funky shelving for  plenty of room for toiletries, towels and decorator items


Here the basin is recessed in a chunky wall-to-wall bench leaving the floor open for maximum floorspace. Have also added wall-to-wall mirrored shaving cabinets for plenty of storage plus the mirrors help lighten the room.

Walk In Shower

This is my personal favourite. It saves space because there is no need to allow for the door to swing but also the absence of a frame gives an uninterrupted view of the room making it look much bigger.

Wet Room

 A wet room is a bathroom without a shower screen so in effect the whole room becomes the shower. Not everyone’s cup of tea but a great way to maximize the space. 

Allow More Light In.. 

Light creates the illusion of space so look at the light coming into the room, consider enlarging the window or simply changing the window dressing to allow more light in.  A skylight may be a cheaper option to changing the window.

Use Colour To Create Space.

Light colours will make the room look bigger. White bathrooms are popular at present plus they are timeless.  The size of the tile will help as well, go for larger tiles although it can be tricky on the floor , you are usually limited to a maximum size of 300X300mm to help with the fall of the floor to the drain.  You can be more adventurous on the walls and say go for a 600 X 300 mm tile laid horizontally to make the walls look longer.

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