How Everyone Can Afford An Architect

Adrian Bonomi

Less than 5% of Australian houses are designed with the aid of an architect, and only another 5% are designed with another designer, such as a draftsperson.

It's really unfortunate that so many new custom built houses do not involve an architect - even for the most critical portion of the design process - at the beginning. At this stage of the design process, what may seem a small decision can quickly snowball into many bad ones. The most common errors building designers can make are poorly sited buildings, poor orientation for passive solar design benefits, or a preoccupation with the street facade at the expense of other critical things like a functional plan. Such errors can lead to buildings that are expensive to heat and cool or just simply don't work for the occupants.

Adrian Bonomi Architect can provide a basic concept design service to property owners who believe they cannot afford an architect, but would be prepared to invest a small sum for a minimum of ten hours work. This would enable the architect to address these critical early design decisions, before other less qualified building designers become involved. If desired, another building designer could then take these concept designs and complete the drafting and building permit work as usual, but from a far stronger design start.