Subdivide and build common problems

stacey buttons


I am currently building a three bedroom house in my back yard via a sub division. I have had numerous issues with my builder. We have used a standard Master Builders contract and initially found the contract confusing. After so many issues with the builder I have almost become a pro in understanding the contract and was thinking of creating a resource for other beginner builders who are not familiar with contracts and builders.

I would love to hear from other people who have completed similar projects and the issues they experienced. I would like to know how they resolved the issues. Hopefully I can provide a helpful guide for budding developers by identifying common issues and methods of rectification.

One of the issues i encountered was the deffinition of floor in lock up stage as well as if a gaping hole in the wall cavity means lock up is not reached (it does not!). liquidated damages, suspended building, variations etc All of these issues and your experiences....