How to complete your Housenet profile

Housenet Staff

Like any social network, other Housenet members are more likely to interact with you if your profile is complete. We outline the key steps below and it only takes a moment. A complete Housenet profile will:

  • Increase the interaction you enjoy with other Housenet members
  • Improve Google rankings for your profile (see HERE for why this is important)
  • Drive more business enquiry to your Housenet profile (if you are an industry member) 

NOTE: If you have privacy settings on your profile to 'Everyone', then it means that even people who find you via Google search will see an incomplete profile if you haven't finished it. Not a good look, especially if you are in business.

1. Go to Profile tab and select 'edit profile'.

2. Complete all relevant information.

Fill in as many of the fields as you can.

3. Now view your profile 

Click on 'My Profile'.

4. Check your profile completeness.

There is a bar on your profile page that measures & displays profile completeness. Try to get yours to 100%!