Why You Should Spend More In Property Transaction To save Money

Paul Wilcox

Why use a Buyer’s Agent is a question asked by many property buyers, however in other aspects of their daily life they don’t question engaging the services of experts to assist e.g. financial planning, legal, recruitment, accounting, medical etc.

Purchasing a property is a major financial outlay and by using a Buyers Agent who understands bidding tactics and has no emotional connection that can impact an auction or negotiation, you position yourself to achieve the best possible financial outcome.

What are some key reasons as to the benefits of using a Buyers Agent:

  • Experience. The average property buyer will only negotiate a property purchase one to three times in their life, whilst the opposing Real estate agent does this for their livelihood.
  • Access. Agents can bring access to a wider selection of properties that a typical home buyer doesn’t seek out. Be it unlisted properties through foreclosures, For sale by owner or via the agents own contacts.
  • Time. Buyers agents will identify your requirements and assist you in determining your financial capabilities, enabling them to locate properties that meet your specific needs taking the grunt work out of you searching internet listings.
  • Stress. They will assist you in everything from viewing properties, researching specific properties to identify any problems, help you secure finance, to negotiating the purchase agreement.
  • Advice. Typically agents are experienced investors themselves providing you with relevant research on good capital growth areas. Also they can help explain legal documents, financial terms etc that you encounter on the way, or help refer you to qualified service providers that can.
  • Confidential. Should any information impact you negotiation position the agent will keep it confidential. However they can tell you everything to their knowledge about the seller and why they are selling.
  • Price. An agent will help the buyer formulate and negotiate an appropriate offer. Based on their knowledge of the fair market value of the property and research of comparable sales in the area, as well as other influencing factors, you can take comfort that you are negotiating at the lowest possible price.

A Buyers Agent should represent you throughout the entirety of your property transaction.