Top Tips From An eBay Tragic.

Bernadette Janson

It must be the Irish in me but I love auctions, they get the adrenaline pumping and conjure up the thrill of the hunt. So while you’re all swanning around on Facebook or Housenet I am buried in the depths of auction-land? 

Unlike other addictions, this one is quite useful and if you keep at it for long enough you become skillful at sniffing out treasures and snapping them up for a song.

I recently put my skills to the test and styled a house almost completely from eBay.  It sold in 30 days .  I generally only use brand name items , current stock and as new condition

Here are three main ways to bag a bargain and all are compliments of the sellers' lack of attention to detail.

1. The auction ends at an unsociable time when nobody is around to bid.   So if you search for an item and the auction closes at 8 am on a Tuesday, you can almost bank on winning it at a rock bottom price.

2. The item is listed in the wrong category.( It wont be found by searching.) There is probably some clever research tool for seeking out these gems but I love to grab a few minutes to browse the categories while waiting in the supermarket queue or on the train… it’s a bit like panning for gold.

3.The title is misspelt, making it unsearchable and YES there is a tool to locate it, aptly named .

I would like to say that I am up at the crack of dawn, poised over my trusty keyboard, waiting to cast the winning bid on that fine collection of vintage glass buttons but it’s the 21st Century and there is a tool for that. is a free eBay snipe that will submit your maximum bid a few seconds before the close of the auction and clinch the deal.

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