How blogging can boost your SEO

Darren Moffatt

Blogging is a great way to make your point, demonstrate your knowledge, and engage people in online conversation. And Housenet has this great FREE blogging platform available to all members.

Here are some gereal principles that all goso blogs observe:

  • Target your audience. Who are you writing for? Onc eyou know who you want to reach, it's much easier to get the message right.
  • Write useful content. If you add value, more people will read it. Think about what inofrmation yoru audience really wants.
  • Keep it short. Don't waffle, keep it punchy. Three or four paragraphs, not three for four pages.
  • Link to sources. It's not only good form to ackowledge sources, it also makes for a richer reading experience.
  • Show personality. Strong opinions, wit & humour are all good ways to attarct readers. Be remarkable, and be read!

Blogging is also one the absolute best (and cheapest) ways to boost your visibility on the internet and, if your're in business, generate leads. 

For more detail on how blogging can boost your search engine optimisation (SEO), see this article in our knowledge base

Cheers, Darren