USER TIP: How to invite via CSV file

Housenet Staff

This is by far the best and quickest way to invite people to connect with you on Housenet. It sends a neat little invitation that looks like this:

Clicking on the invitation link and signing up straight away will automatically add that person to your friends. 

Below we show how to use Housenet's 'import csv' feature to invite your Linked In connections (and get around Linked In's totally unworkable 10 invites per day rule!) - but this technique also works well for any csv (or contact  database file) you care to use. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your Linked In account, click 'Contacts' & select 'Connections'.

 2. Let the connections fill, then select 'Export Connections' bottom right of screen. 

3. Click 'Export' and your entire database will save as a CSV file in 'downloads' on your PC, or at your suggested folder location. 

4. Now log-in to your Housenet account, and select 'invite people' from the main navigation bar.

5.  Select 'Invite via Email & CSV file'.


6. Choose the CSV file you exported from Linked In, then click 'Read Contacts'.

7. All your contacts will appear. Un-check any you don't want to invite, then click 'send'. You have now invited your csv connections to join you on Housenet!


PS: This CSV file format will also work for any other contact databases you may wish to invite. To invite contacts from other databases, simply copy the Linked In CSV file, open it, erase all the contact information and replace it with first names & emails from your other database. Save it, and start from step 6 above.