Why you should be using video to sell real estate.

Scott McCluskey

20 years ago the idea of making a sales video for a property would have been something that only the top end of the market would consider. Because of developments in technology, this kind of technique is available to everyone and is a tactic that should seriously be considered by every real estate agent.

Now that property videos are within the reach of every advertising budget, they are a must have for your sales arsenal. If an image is worth a thousand words, video, as an extension of this, must be worth a million. A video of a property is not only more engaging than photos, but it can be free to make using your smartphone. If you want to make your production more professional, video production can cost much less than traditional print or television advertising, and is often a great deal more effective. Since YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, having your properties listed there with a link to your website has the power to dramatically extend your reach. Not only will you appear on YouTube search result but a Google search will also pull up your property videos.

A video tour not only saves you from countless hours showing properties and facilitating open houses, it also makes the home hunting process more efficient for the buyer. An effective video tour provides virtual walk-throughs of a property. This allows potential buyers to get a better sense of the property and to preview the information you make available before they schedule an appointment. This saves both of you time and money.

Internet users watch an average of three hours online video a month. Tie this in with the ever increasing numbers of buyers carrying out their property research online, and it makes more and more sense for you to be using video as part of your sales package. Effective use of video will mean that you stand apart from the competition. Video has also been shown to increase the perceived value of a home by up to 6% and industry reports state that listings with video can have up to a 400% increase in enquiry rate.

In addition to straightforward video home tours, consider offering informational videos about your location. Increasingly, what buyers want from a real estate agent is their knowledge about an area. While they can glean cold facts about property prices, schools, crime rates and local services from the web what they need is personal information about a district. Show off the area you are selling in, its facilities and atmosphere. This content is ‘evergreen’ and will enable potential buyers who are evaluating your listings to get a sense of the surrounding area.

Video gives you an opportunity to showcase what is unique about your area. When showcasing your neighborhood focus on being authentic and delivering a message that is compelling and encourages buyers to feel that they want this to be their new home. Include a call to action and ensure your branding is visible throughout the video. Make sure that your contact details are easily visible so that viewers can take the next step, and get in touch with you when the video ends.

To get started in video why not use your smartphone or tablet to record a 30 second market update and send that out to your existing database? This will be much more engaging and personal than a newsletter and will help your potential buyers and sellers connect with your personal brand.