USER TIP: Chat to Facebook friends from Housenet

Housenet Staff

Perhaps Housenet's 'best kept secret' is the chat bar located at the bottom of your screen when you log-in.

Did you know that with our chat bar you can:

  • Instant message your Housenet friends
  • Create private chat rooms for your staff or business
  • Chat to your Facebook friends from Housenet

Thats' right, you can talk to your Facebook friends whilst you're on Housenet! It's great for:

  • Showing off your Housenet profile to your Facebook friends
  • Alerting your FB friends to great Housenet stuff like blogs, property listings, & forums
  • Saving time - no need to log into Facebook to chat

Simply click on the 'Who's Online' tab, bottom right then select 'Connect to Facebook' (you can also connect with Gmail friends via Gtalk)


You'll then be prompted to sign-in to Facebook, and when done your Facebook friends will magically appear as options to chat with FROM HOUSENET.

Another great chat bar feature, is private Chat Rooms. This is particularly useful for:

  • Meetings with clients
  • 'Virtual' staff meetings (a great time & money saver)

You can find the chat room button bottom left on the chat bar.  

Connect with someone & give these features a go now. Happy chatting!