USER TIP: Connecting with People on Housenet

Housenet Staff

Like Facebook or any social networking site, the number of connections or 'friends' you have on Housenet is important. The more 'friends' you have on Housenet the more engagement you'll experience. If you don't have any friends, your opportunites for interaction are limited, your content is less likely to be read, &  your experience of the site won't be nearly as much fun.

PUT SIMPLY: The main activity feed (Home) shows you activity from all your Housenet friends and all Pages & Groups that you have 'liked' or 'joined' on Housenet. To see activity and updates from other Members, Pages or Groups, make friends with the Member, 'like' the Page or 'join' the Group.

If you have something to share that you wish to be more public and reach the whole membership quickly, consider posting in Blogs and Forums or uploading a Photo or Video. A record of your content will always be kept under your profile or page/group, and a post on the main activity feed will also occur. Give it a try! Don't worry, you can always delete any content or feed post if you don't like it.

But to get the most from the site you should spend a few minutes making connections and adding friends to your Housenet account. Here's how:

1. Check out 'Recent Log-Ins' area

This area, to the left of your activity feed, contains thumbnails of people who have recently been on the site. Click on the images to see their profiles, and send a 'Friend Request' to anyone that looks interesting.

2. Check out 'People You May Know' block

Once you have a few friends, a block called 'People You may Know' will appear to the right of your activity feed with friend suggestions (below). Click 'Add to friends' below any person on the list and a friend request will be automatically sent to them.

3. Use 'location search' to find people in your area

Type in your postcode or suburb into the top search field 'where', and see if there are locals on the site you can connect with. 

4. Browse Property People.

Click on 'Property People' in the menu bar to access our directory of industry members. Search and connect with people that can help you. Build a team for your housing project.

5. Invite your friends to join.

Making connections with existing Housenet members is great, but inviting your own contacts to join lets others in on the fun. Use our people inviter at the top of the main activity feed. Click the relevant logos to invite your contacts from that service. They will receive a notification from the service you used asking them to connect with you on Housenet.

 If you get stuck or need any help, don't hesitate to leave a ticket on our Help & Feedback section (the tab on the right).

Happy connecting!