Lost Certificates of Title!

Charmain Gordon

Purchaser's are under the belief that they are purchasing a block of land, unit, house or business...A Conveyancer know's the real truth! We are trading very expensive pieces of paper for a lot of $$$! These expensive pieces of paper are what is known as your Certificate of Title, and prove your ownership of the property. (A Bank will hold them until your Mortgage is paid.)Without boring you with the details, lost Certificates of Title are frowned on by the Lands Titles Office, as they are a means to reduce fraud & forgery. Notwithstanding the wrap over the knuckles you will get by the LTO (Joking!), to substitute a lost Certificate is costly, time consuming & may hold up a Sale. I always advise clients to keep their Certificates with their other important documents, eg your Will. This will also help family members locate it when it is required. Secure yours today!