Great Salespeople Don't Take Calls, they MAKES Calls - what do you think?

Lisa Goodwin

I have recently come across an interesting blog post by Mark Dwyer, a real estate trainer from Sales Trainer Active.  The article states that to be a great salesperson, you need to be MAKING calls, not taking them.

He suggests that instead of answering your phone calls, you should be returning and MAKING calls yourself.  His point is that it is better to be PROACTIVE than REACTIVE, especially when dealing with potential or current clients, and that this will increase your efficiency, productivity and ultimately your results.

Of course a lot of sales agents would certainly find it difficult to NOT answer the phone, for fear of missing out on a potential appraisal opportunity, or that it may translate into seemingly poor customer service, however in Mark's view, making a phone call proactively, when you are ready and in control of the phone call, rather than answering a call with little knowledge of the callers agenda, avoids ill-prepared, reactionary responses, and can actually enhance your customer service, and ultimately the experience for the receiver.

What do you think of this controversial strategy?  Is it something you could see working for you in your real estate business? 

MAKE calls, don't take them

If you're keen to have a read,
here is Mark's blog post in full: 

SALES TIP #02:  

'Great Salespeople MAKE CALLS,   

they do not take them!'    


I am bemused at the perception we're given of the 'stereotype super salesperson' handling several mobile telephones that are constantly ringing and passing each back and forth between personal assistants... we're led to believe that frantically paced chaos is the key to success?!? Although this scenario works well in a Hollywood blockbuster, in reality it couldn't be further from the truth! 


Answering a telephone is reactionary disposition. You have little idea or anticipation of the callers agenda and as such have little control of the situation. In fact there is almost an expectation that you comply with the callers agenda once revealed! So it is that when answering a telephone we find ourselves reacting to the what ever comes our way, often floundering for answers when cornered - I guess if you like the surprises that a mystery brings then it wouldn't seem too much like work. 


Inexperienced salespeople fall for this, wrongly assuming that answering calls adds up to service. This is yet another reason why their productivity suffers as they expend time and energy without results.

When you dial out however the reverse its true. Think about it, when have you ever made a business call without knowing the purpose of your call and the attached agenda? Probably never huh?!? This in a nutshell is a PROACTIVE disposition. It is often said whomever pays for the call owns (controls) it! 


High-end productivity salespeople understand this. They know that proactive behaviour increase efficiency and productivity... they list more and they sell more. Simple really. Premeditated concise behaviour is the cause of predictable outcomes.

You can't get a top producing professional to answer your call, but be assured when he/she calls you listings or sales are imminent! 


Make calls don't take them! 

List n' Sell ;-)

Mark Dwyer
Sales Trainer Active
Return of the Salesperson 


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