Perth Real Estate - 35 Home Security Tips

Peter Taliangis

When many families go away for 1-2 weeks or more. Securing your family home is vital during this time.

Here are my 35 top tips to secure your most important asset - the family home.

1. Store all bins, ladders and anything else that could be used to access a window or be used to get over a fence away from your house and well out of sight.

2. Leave a light on or on a timer. Leave a television or radio on.

3. Stop your mail - have it held at the Post office

4. Be an active member of you local Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbours that look out for each others property are a great deterrent.

5. Keep valuables out of sight. Looking through windows is often the starting point for a burglary

. 6. Don't share your holiday plans online: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are potentially havens for people to see what you are doing and finding out that your home is unattended

7. Never store keys near your front door. Don't leave spare keys in "unusual places under door mats, under pot plants"

8. Fit a spy hole, door chain or security door or security camera - don't let people you don't know access to your house.

9. Sensor Lights in and around your front door and garden areas. Burglars prefer working in the dark, so light-up your house as much as possible.

10. Use a UV pen to mark any valuables so if the worse does happen it may help to make recovery easier. Your local Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator probably has one of these pens. Label your - Mobile Phones, DVD player, Laptop & Jewellery, Watches.

11. Check the locks on any gates, sheds, windows and doors - upgrade/replace if necessary.

12. Lock away garden tools.

13. Install an alarm - alarms if nothing else will bother a burglar even if the neighbours ignore the alarm.

14. Ensure all doors and windows are fitted with good quality locks, and that they are secure before leaving. Double check each lock.

15. Place security signage in highly visible locations.

16. Trim all trees and shrubs - burglars enjoy the cover of overgrown shrubs.

17. Remove keys from window locks and sliding doors

18. Turn down the volume of your telephone. Don't have a message saying you are away.

19. Tell a trusted neighbour or friend of your plans - someone who can check your house with a quick drive-by every so often. Leave them with your emergency contact numbers.

20. Trim your lawn before going away.

21. Ask a neighbour to put your bin in and on rubbish days.

22. Have a neighbour park a car in your driveway.

23. Stop all newspapers

24. Place a no junk mail sticker on your letterbox to stop advertising material building up and falling out around the letterbox.

25. Update your house and contents insurance.

26. Packaging for expensive items should not be left in your bin. A tell tale sign that there's something worth stealing inside your house.

27. Get someone to water your garden and keep your reticulation system on.

28. Buy whoever has helped you with monitoring your house a really nice gift.

29. If having festivities at home or even your holiday home - remember keep your cars locked when parked out the front of the property. Keep your front door locked and your windows locked. (An open house party can invite unexpected guests).

30. If working in the garden in the back yard or in the pool or around the bbq outside - always turn on the alarm inside your house or turn on a partial alarm for the front of the house or part of the house you aren't using.

31. Don't have your family name on your letterbox, the side of the house or on your door-bell.

32. Buy a lock for your letter box.

33. Remember to keep windows locked, screen doors locked. Most burglaries still occur through open windows and doors.

34. Buy a home safe and have it professionally installed - keep your very valuable items safe in a safe. 3

5. Enjoy your holidays, if you are travelling on the roads - please stay safe!

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