Is it Time to Change the AFL business plan?

Wayne Offer



The ongoing media frenzy of opinions of who's right and wrong over the Adam Goodes's position is not as simple as some editorials make it sound.
The words "In My Day" immediately identify the scribe as a middle aged or older white person, that is assuming a lot of things 
Correct? Well no, but it could be so don't take offence.
Gets messy doesn't it?
The fact is over time the promotion of sport has changed. sport was a midweek train and Saturday or Sunday match and the rest of our lives were set on getting ahead, buying a house, keeping the boss happy at work so you could hit the pub on payday with your mates. Yeah that was in "In My Day", and race was never a issue although if your mate happens to be a Abbo well the pub could be issue depending on the publican. Often your reputation was tied to the behaviour of you mate. Yep we worked it out then amongst ourselves, the racism that is, but was never called it, and got on with life. 
Step into 2015 and firstly Football Clubs now are your culture not sport. Codes are promoting children with their merchandise with angry faces screening at the game, and opposition, encouraged by parents as if it was a tribal battle. Them and us, life or death, played out and promoted by the media for monetary gains and taken home and revisited on a daily basis.
Sport as we knew it in now a business, creating division and profiting from that war of the tribes. 
The trouble is once wars have started how do you stop the fans that follow the business plan to the letter the Code has set when things go pear shaped?
The best example is the Soccer where it got to a point where they said "No To Racism" in any form. Promoted it and stuck by it.
Clubs went broke, kicked out of leagues, fans grounded, games closed out, as they too  were caught up with a culture that was not acceptable to the No to Racism ideology.
No, it's not fixed everywhere in the world, but we in Australia now have the signals to stop it before it morphs into a monster that will devour the AFL, and it starts with the the promoting the sport as sport, recognising bad behaviour and acting, not making excuses for it in a bozo traditions and disciplinary action against the people who bring the game into disrepute as the AFL is experiencing now, but most of all stop using the children as pawns to divide Clubs, Which in turn divides players into tribal battle combatants the fans young and old can vent on every time they go to a match. 
Hurling abuse regardless of colour or creed is not part of sport but unfortunately excused and described as passion by the media, but crimes of passion are illegal outside the grandstands resulting in verbal assault. 
The ball is at the AFL management feet. Change the Culture or leave this incident festering, it won't go away. 
Love your club, but love your Game even more and protect it from the Yobbs.