Top 4 Reasons To Incorporate Trees In Your Garden

Gary Dickie

It’s hardly a secret that trees are good for the environment – everyone knows that trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as well as other harmful gases, making the air safer for us to breathe. But beyond this, there are a myriad of reasons why every garden should incorporate a selection of trees, so let’s take a look at our top 4 reasons to add trees to your garden.

1. Cooling Effects

Trees are well documented to not only provide shade to your garden, but if it is close to your home, it can provide a welcome cooling effect inside your home as well. A small evergreen tree planted on the western or north-western section of your home has been shown to significantly reduce the internal temperature of your home, and that is just one small tree. Trees can also be used to shade paved areas or patios, reducing glare and heat retention throughout the long summer days.

2. Noise reduction

Not only do trees make your home cooler, but they can help to make it quieter too. Trees provide a natural sound barrier, especially ones with branches which reach all the way to ground level. Some of the best types of trees for noise absorption are broadleaf evergreens for example holly and juniper trees. When planting trees with the aim of achieving noise reduction, plant them spaced out so that when they reach maturity they won’t have any gaps between them.

3. Increase Your Property Value

Properties with established, mature trees are known to achieve a higher sale price than homes without any trees at all so why not take advantage of this added benefit of planting trees in your garden, both at the front and rear of your home?

4. Create Natural Habitats

Not only do trees help the environment for people, but they help to maintain and create natural habitats for insects, birds and small garden creatures. Encourage birds into your garden by incorporating tall trees that can provide nesting sites for birds. Ensure there is a continuous supply of clean water – as once birds come to know where it is they will rely on it.

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