Kylie's CSG Story Shocks Chinchilla Community

Honour Rosser

Kylie's Story:

"Queensland Gas Company (QGC) made my 5 children and four foster children homeless over one signature for the trunk-line for their gas company.

I had a nice 4 bedroom Queenslander house. I am now living in a caravan and old bus with my partner and 5 kids no work, no income. We had foster children as well as working as a disabled carer for a family close by. The property was about half-way between Chinchilla and Tara, in the Kenya gas field area.

Over the last 2 years QGC promised me that they would take care of me and my family yet I and my family are homeless. My foster children all had to be re-housed with new foster parents which was heart breaking for me as one child had disabilities. Also I had to stop nursing as the stress was to much. I ended up needing major surgery. The same week I can home from hospital, QGC threatened me with a section 805 which they later did not follow through with. We had locked the gate as I had not received payment for their lease, there was a dispute over vents on the new pipeline which according to contract was supposed to be all underground, and they're not taking care of an issue my ex-husband over a dispute over a signature.
QGC stated they were going to have a meeting about my family to see what they could do. Tony Heidrich (manager of land holder relationships) promised to phone back, but as yet no call has been received. This is typical - promises made and no performance. So 4 months of living in a bus with kids is very hard.  You see my house was right in the middle of Kenya, with wells, mens' accommodation, water treatments plants trucks, workers with no respect and a lost community and friends.

In 2009, the property was valued at $320,000, and my new partner and I did a lot more improvements. Due to QGC getting in contact with my ex husbands lawyer they threaten to take me to family court if I do not let QGC in.  From there they file in family court and under the court orders for my divorce, the property had to be sold at the new valuation of $150,000. I managed to get $156,000, a loss of nearly $200,000. The original contract with QGC stated that they would compensate me for loss of value of my property due to their activities. I have tried and tried to get this, but can never get anywhere.

Other people in the area with similar problems have managed to sell their properties to “anonymous” for enough to be able pay out mortgage and start over. I am now at the end of my tether, and want some results.

======== This was what Kylie Haeusler posted with her house picture:

I add this picture in a post this was my home that QGC made us homeless from my foster children and my 5 kids and yet the government sends me a sorry letter can't help you letter go get stuffed letter but QGC sends me a section 805 50 thousand dollar fine and tells me to unlock the gates and let them in they with take care of my family this is why we are now homeless left with nothing trying to rebuild our life with nothing and no media out cry no nothing from no one.

What Will We Leave Our Children? 


This will be an ongoing story in my Chinchilla Neighbourhood News, re Kylie and her story=== follow for the latest and how this family MUST be supported.