Frameless vs. Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, Which One is best?

Jayde Ferguson

No pool area is complete without the right pool fencing. Pool fencing styles not only give home owners the opportunity to truly define their outdoor living space, but it acts as an essential safety barrier between the water, young children and pets.

In most countries – especially Australia, the pool fencing regulations are strict and must be abided by before you decide on your fencing plans. By ensuring you pick the right fence for your pool, home and needs you’ll create a safe outdoor environment that looks spectacular.

Glass pool fencing is one of the most popular choices for homeowners because it offers an exquisite clear view of the space, whilst upholding the pool fencing safety regulations too. Both frameless and semi frameless glass pool fencing have a fantastic appeal to them that attracts homeowners, but which one will work for your home and budget? Both styles have a different look, a different feel and a different budget – find out which one will enhance your pool the best.

1. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – A Seamless Approach 

Because frameless glass pool fencing is fully cantilevered, it creates a look that’s seamless and open. This style of fencing works by anchoring a support beam at only one end of the fence. The fully frameless glass is then suspended, with no posts or beams in between to obstruct outdoor living and pool views.

The attraction behind frameless glass fencing is in its impinged feel. Because there are no architectural beams or posts between glass panels, it offers homeowners a refined finish to their outdoor space. Consequently, the outdoor area and pool views are not compromised but instead significantly enhanced. 

From a safety point of view, frameless glass fencing ensures maximum vision of the pool too – ideal for families and children. Depending on the set up of your space, glass pool fencing without the support beams obstructing views can provide a safer pool fencing solution for many homeowners.

2. Making Frameless Glass Fencing Work for Your Home

Constructing frameless glass fencing around your pool creates a look that is open and fresh. Whilst it’s definitely the more expensive option, homeowners that opt for this style are paying for the extremely seamless approach – which for many, is worth every cent. For homes that have small outdoor areas, this can work well in helping to open the space right up and appear larger than what it really is.

Frameless glass fencing is the sleekest of pool fencing styles. It gives homeowners the pool protection they need in a way that looks like the fence isn’t even there. It’s almost see-through, uninterrupted appearance is what attracts homeowners - and it most certainly boosts the charm of your pool and entertaining space.

3. The Hype about Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi frameless glass pool fencing has the same stunning appeal of fully frameless, combined with a modern architectural appeal the posts can have. Because it doesn’t offer as much of a seamless approach as the frameless glass pool fencing, this style tends to be a much more cost-efficient option.

As far as pool fencing goes, semi frameless glass fencing is definitely the most popular. Unlike the fully frameless glass fencing, this style of glass pool fencing is completed with mini posts between the glass panels to support the structure. It works out cheaper because you’re going down in glass width and because of this, homeowners are more likely to lean towards it.

Despite the drop in price though, the appeal of semi frameless glass pool fencing is definitely not compromised. It still gives you the see-through glass that attracts homeowners to glass fencing in the first place, but instead it’s dressed with thin aluminium posts in between.  Semi frameless glass pool fencing gives you the open space views, but works within the average homeowner’s budget. 

4. Making Semi Frameless Glass Fencing Work for Your Home

For homeowners that do want the fully seamless approach, semi glass fencing doesn’t always cut it. Whilst the aluminium posts between glass panels may not be everyone’s style, they can be coated to specifically match your existing landscape. This works beautifully in enhancing the outdoor space and ties the area to the house perfectly. 

Besides the drop in cost, one of the biggest advantages in semi frameless glass pool fencing is the size and weight of the gate. Typically, the gates used for semi frameless pool fencing are much lighter which can be a more practical solution for homeowners.

5. Frameless vs. Semi Frameless

Whilst frameless and semi frameless glass pool fencing both have the advantage of creating a clean and sophisticated look for your outdoor space, it’s really the overall look and price that differentiates them. Both are complaint with the strict pool fencing regulations and both act as an important safety barrier, and both styles will certainly enhance your pool area.

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