6 Surefire Ways to Deter Thieves from Targeting Your Home

Jayde Ferguson

Whilst Australia is generally a safe country with a low crime rate overall, keeping your home and family safe should always be number one priority. As burglary rates continue to climb, break-ins and theft at residential homes are one of the most common offenses throughout Australia, according to the crime statistics last year.

There are certain factors about your home that tend to draw in potential thieves. Most prefer to target during the day when you’re at work, or late at night when you may be sound asleep. It’s interesting to note too, that many of the burglaries recorded are actually not forced entries – meaning someone was able to easily walk, climb or crawl into your home. For many Australians innocent actions like leaving the window open ajar to let some cool air in, or having the door unlocked when you’re home can provide the perfect invitation for thieves to enter.

You don’t need to turn your home into a high-end security field though in order to stay safe. There’s many solutions that’ll help to deter thieves from targeting your home – here’s our top 6.

1. Keep Outdoor Area Trimmed and Clear

Outdoor areas that offer open spaces are less appealing to thieves because there’s fewer places to hide. If your yard is clear from dense and unkempt greenery, it provides thieves with a higher chance of being seen breaking into your home and thus, they’re less likely to move on.

It doesn’t mean to say though, that you shouldn’t have any tall or bushy trees growing in your yard. Overgrown trees and shrubs should just simply be trimmed regularly and the garden well maintained to avoid being an easy target for thieves. Low shrubs that are particularly prickly or thorny can be added near windows too as this can also help to deter burglars away.

Territorial reinforcement can be provided by specific landscaping and design techniques. Whilst this requires more work than trimming the outdoor area, it can provide a great opportunity to redefine your space and create something that’s both spectacular and safe. This article provides some great ideas on how to use landscaping to keep burglars away.

2. Don’t Showboat Your Valuables

Leaving your most prized possessions in clear view of passer-by’s can be a big invitation to thieves. Whilst we like to think that new bike is safe in the front yard without a chain, it can be used as an opportunity to lure intruders into your home. Keep valuables locked away in the garage or at least the back of your home where it’s less likely to be seen by people walking past.

It’s important also, to consider how much intruders can see through your windows too. You can be showing off a variety of valuables if your curtains are open. To understand how much of your expensive items can be seen from the road or outside your home, open everything up and take a walk around. If there’s a few of your valuables that can be seen within plain site, it may be worth moving them out of view.

3. Upgrade Your Defences

The first line of defence of a home is usually the fence; thus, it’s absolutely vital it’s one that is secure.  Depending on your location and how much level of security you would prefer, there’s a variety of different styles that can offer a practical way to deter thieves from your home – whilst still offering an aesthetic appeal.

Homes with a fence that look strong and secure are less likely to be broken in too, because thieves can be easily seen trying to jump the fence to get in. To add to the safekeeping of your home, make sure your gate is locked too. Electric driveway gates offer the highest level of security as they require a pin code or remote control to enter and leave the property.

To further strengthen your home’s defences, windows and doors should have security locks fitted. Ensure your door is solid, with a reliable deadlock and fit security screens to all windows and doors to allow for a safer solution when you don’t want everything shut up completely.

4. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple yet effective way to make your home less attractive to thieves. Not only does it act as the perfect safety solution for homeowners that come and go at night, but homes that are well lit look more like people are actually home. This is ideal, as most thieves are on the lookout for a home that appears to be empty.

Lighting up dark areas around your home, even if you are out is a smart idea. Install motion detectors so the lights come on automatically when someone is near or set the lights on timers.  Where possible install the outdoor lighting so they are high enough not to be disabled by thieves, and position them in corners to light up key areas.

5. Get a Dog

Whilst this option may not work for everyone – it can be the perfect excuse to finally persuade the rest of the household on your decision! Dogs can be extremely helpful in deterring a thief. A loud bark or just the presence of seeing one can easily scare of many potential burglars and intruders to your home.

If the care of a dog though is too much, you can still use the idea of one to discourage trespassers. Setting up a sign on your fence or gate that says “beware of dog” can make intruders think twice about their decision, or using a recording of a dog barking can work too. 

6. Know Your Neighbours

Knowing your neighbours can be a valuable asset for home security when you’re away or even when you’re home. It’s one of the most important steps in safety because neighbours can then easily identify when a stranger or intruder stands out in the area.

Neighbourhood watch programs have proven to be an effective precaution in most locations. Even if you don’t have a neighbourhood crime watch in your area, closer-knit neighbours definitely have a much better advantage. It’s as a simple as quick introduction to two or more neighbours in your area. 

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson who writes in the home improvement industry and has a passion for landscaping, interior design and music. Catch Jayde on Google+.