Will the Auchenflower lifestyle be affected by this local development?

Barry Osborne

ToowongMemorialPark2For communities to be strong, we need members to be vigilant in monitoring as to what is happening in the area. An email about a development of the Toowong Memorial Park has come into my email box this week, which I think was sent to every real estate agent in the area. It was signed off by Concerned Local Citizen, Stand up for our Auchenflower-Toowong Proposed Development. Now I am not going to say whether this development is right for our Auchenflower lifestyle protection or not. Because I have not had time to really research it.

These sorts of developments should be scrutinized by the community members to make certain their impact is going to add to our way of life and not diminish it.

Now I do have some stories about this Toowong Memorial Park as a boy growing up in Rainworth. I used this park on a number of occasions. Being an avid football player for the Rainworth Primary School, I would go to this park to play our Friday afternoon inter school matches on occasions under the tutelage of Mr Ritchie. For those remembering back to those times, us footballers would feel so big time by getting our jerseys at morning break and we were allowed to wear them in class until lunch time. I don’t know whether it had any effect on the other boys or the girls, but I know we thought it was great.

Now the other occasion that I had gone to this park was as a member of the Rainworth Methodist church. I went to the park as a spectator with some friends as I had nothing on that Saturday. But that all changed when some of my group of friends from the Rainworth Church said they needed competitors not spectators and before long I was in the sprint races and the ball games trying to hold up the image of our church against many of the other church groups across Brisbane.

These were my experiences of this park, but this is not the purpose of this blog. The email I received from this anonymous concerned person lists a number of discrepancies in the documentation that was offered in this development application. “The document Auchenflower Toowong Memorial Park Redevelopment Proposal Western Districts Rugby Football Club.” You can read here. The writer’s concerns are:

  • Surrounding streets (such as Bayliss St., Park Avenue & Dixon Street) will be affected by car parking in those streets.
  • Patrons will park in these streets to avoid Sylvan Road by cutting through the Bayliss Street walk lane
  • There will be hill excavation which will allow noise to travel more to surrounding houses
  • The excavation could cause damage to surrounding properties.
  • Lack of detail as to what the development will end up as.

I think it is very important that developments like this are scrutinized to ensure our Auchenflower Lifestyle is not affected. It is so important that the community has its say. We have had some really positive additions to the Auchenflower lifestyle, such as the Frew Park development, but we have also had some not so positive like the high rise development above Milton Station which has changed our suburban landscape forever. The problem comes when commercial developments are done for of course to make the developers money. That as many will say is progress. But what is important is that our community is strong enough to have its say so there is a compromise between big developments and the protection of the Auchenflower Lifestyle.

So what do you think about this development? Why not have your say and let’s put the development under scrutiny and not simply allow things to happen because we haven’t the time. Once done, it can never be reversed. The time to act is now.