Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle is only enhanced by good schools

Barry Osborne

Milton_School_smallThe majority of us live our lives with one goal in mind and that is to give our children the best start in life. We are very fortunate in living the Auchenflower Lifestyle that we have some great schools within walking distance or close by. That is the peace of mind that our children’s needs are being catered for, just as well as our Lifestyle and Entertainment needs are very much catered for. Today is vastly different to the day that I remember, but the same desire is there for all adults no matter what era.


Your kids will have the best start in life by Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle.

Well, I can tell you truthfully how good the education facilities are, because I experienced them all in Growing up in Rainworth.

The starting point would have to be the Kindergarten, in Rosalie.

1 C&K Rosalie Community Kindergarten

RosalieKindergartenNow I cannot remember what it was called in the 50’s, but to me it was just the Rosalie Kindergarten. I have been told that in my days it was a free service for my parents. But to me that was not my concern, but how times have changed. What was a concern to me, was they expected me to sleep every afternoon. But not me. It is very interesting that I have met a couple of ladies of late who also attended there at a later time and they also complained about this practice. I was a little more disobedient however, and would sneak out, break into the toy room downstairs and play with all the toys as there was no competition from the others as they were sleeping.

2. Milton Primary School

WP_20150309_15_07_11_Pro-219881-editedThis is well sort after school for children to attend. I did not attend full time, but Rainworth students would come down to Milton School once a week for the boys to do woodwork and metal work and the girls would attend domestic science classes. We all also said farewell to primary school by doing our scholarship exams there. It was just last year that my brother had phoned and asked whether I owned a box. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He had picked it up at my parents after they had passed away and it had all their old photos in it. He was going to sell it at a garage sale, but on opening it up he saw it had my name written on the inside. He brought it around, and low behold, it was a box that I made at Milton School woodwork class when I was just 11 or 12. I was so proud of it with its well-done dove tail joints, all so neatly done. I must have gave it to my Mum as a present about the end of the 1950's. She kept it all those years and I had forgotten about it. But it it is back home with its creator, waiting for some rejuvenating work.

3. Rainworth Primary School

Now there are many stories here to tell and I have written many blogs about my times there. So go and Google Growing up in Rainworth and you can read many of the tails about a wonderful era that I and many others of my time will never forget. You can also go to the Facebook Page of the Rainworth School. There are so many happy people who came through the education system from this location.

So if you are not as fortunate by not living in this area and are looking for a change, then look no further. This is the greatest area in which to live, go to school and work. Take the time to come across and do the Rosalie Heritage Walk and you can appreciate the wonderful history of the area. More importantly, check out the availability of some wonderful properties by Browsing Houses for sale.

We all contribute to our communities in some way. The more we can communicate and tell the stories that are the history of our community, the stronger will be the bonds that will tie us together. So subscribe below and make your comments and also take the effort to tell your stories so they are not lost.