NorthCONnex impacted residents protest unfiltered emissions - not quite the rosy picture that WestCONnex painted!

Vanessa Knight

Unfiltered Smoke Stacks a problem for NorthCONNex residents too!

At the recent WestCONnex community 'engagement' meeting held at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown, Dennis Cliche, chief executive of the WestConnex Delivery Authority (WDA) was at pains to assure the crowd that WDA was using the North Connex project as its exemplary model in the planning of WestCONnex.

It appears that the residents near NorthCONnex aren't as enamoured as Dennis would have us believe.

Wahroonga residents were recently out in force protesting plans for unfiltered concentrated emissions from the planned nine-kilometre NorthConnex tunnel.

The rally, hosted by community members and supported by the Doctors Against Pollution, WestConnex Action groups and the Bernie Banton foundation, attracted Labor and Greens MPs and candidates.