Westconnex is a joke - it's just not that funny.

rick williams

Dumb and dumber best mates Abbott and Baird are selling St Peters and in fact the whole of NSW down the river.

By committing to Westconnex , not only are they advocating a 1950's attempted solution to transport issues but they are doing it with , no plan, no budget and no idea. The money being committed to unnecessary road infrastructure in Sydney should be allocated to country NSW where it is really needed. what is Duncan Gay thinking? Representing his rural community of Crookwell, I don't think so.

This road if it goes ahead would wreck families tear up vibrant inner city communities and gouge the taxpayers of NSW for decades to come, as private enterprise push the toll prices through the roof to turn a profit. So not only will we be saddled with massive interest bill on the construction costs but we will be forced to pay a second time to even use the white elephant infrastructure. Current projections suggest to even simply cover the cost of interest payments 100,000 vehicles a day will have to use it at a cost of $27...who can afford that? At what cost to the people of St Peters and surrounding suburbs.

The so called "interchange " is no such thing. It is the end of a motorway , at least for a minimum of 4 years while the government try to find funding for phase 3. This means 100,000 vehicles a day exiting at St Peters - where will they go? Into every available back street Main Street lane way etc the Inner West will be flooded with traffic fighting to get somewhere else....a true road to nowhere.