Solar Powered Gates: The Key to the Future

Jayde Ferguson

Solar power is taking over the world. In Australia alone, residential solar power has boomed significantly with 88% of Australians supporting roof-mounted solar panels on homes. The benefits are undeniable - from substantial cost-cuts on those rising electricity bills and the decrease of your carbon footprint on the environment. For many - solar power is simply a win-win investment.

But just how far can we take these solar power benefits? In countries like Australia, where the sun is plentiful and reliable, it makes sense to draw on its energy for a variety of uses. This is where solar powered gates come in. Whilst solar powered gates are by no means a new thing, they’ve boomed considerably over the years and are fast becoming the key to the future - without compromising on appeal and practicality. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider them for your home.

1. Cut Down on Installation Costs

The same reason why homeowners opt for solar panels on their home, is the same reason why solar powered gates are a big investment – they drive down your costs. You don’t have the issues of rising electricity bills because you’re taking advantage of the sun’s power. The difference between solar panels and solar powered gates however, lies in the installation costs.

Solar powered gates eliminate many of the standard costs associated with automatic gates because there’s no connection to power sources. It’s these connections and the running of cables underground that can drive up installation costs for gates. For properties that require gates situated at a considerable distance, these savings can be even more substantial.

2. Create a Reliable Power Source

Besides costs, one of the biggest advantages of the sun’s energy is its reliability. As beneficial as automatic gates are, they can still be affected by power outages in your area making it difficult to enter or leave your home in emergency situations. Gates on properties that are automatically solar powered operate independently, eliminating the inconveniences caused by these power outages or frequent battery placement.

Creating a power source in the home that is reliable, in any aspect, allows homeowners to feel they’re in more control. It establishes a sense of independence that may not be created through standard automated gates, giving you 24 hours of power, 7 days a week – regardless of the possible power failures.

3. Add Value to Your Home

One of the biggest reasons homeowners opt for automatic gates is value. As with any successful asset, the return of investment come resale time can be a huge incentive for many. Combined with the convenience automatic gates offer and the boost in kerb appeal, it’s a valuable contribution for any property.

This value increases even more when the gates are solar powered. With their energy efficient properties, increase of control and significant cost savings, the incentives are evident. The installation of fencing and automated gates are a proven benefit for the security, privacy and safety of your home. Taking it to the next level of solar power only ensures that costs are cut and your impact on the environment is greater.  

4. Living Greener and Cleaner

It’s becoming more popular these days for everyday people to consider their surroundings. As every action we take has a more prominent effect on the environment, we’re forced to take a harder look at what we can do to reduce our impact. Solar power is one of the best – and most effective ways – to do this.

As most of us know, electricity is generated from nuclear power or burning coal. Both of these substances impact on the environment negatively. Solar power, on the other hand, is generated from the sun’s natural energy. By contrast to the electricity, solar power is positively helpful to our environment and health, resulting in a greener and healthier life. By making the switch to solar power and installing gates that are powered by the sun, you’re able to use energy that’s cleaner and keep your carbon footprint low.

5. Cut Down on Running Costs

The main reason why most homeowners consider the benefits of solar powered gates is the financial freedom it provides. Yes, the installation costs are also reduced and the environmental advantages are most certainly maximised, but when it really comes down to it – it’s the financial burden of running electricity that we want to escape.

Using the sun’s endless energy is free. And if you live in a country that is renowned for its ample amounts of sun, it’s even more of a reason to say yes to solar power. For homes that receive less sun or longer winters, the suns energy is stored during the day ensuring you still have full access to your solar powered gates. With the advantage of solar powered gates, you won’t have to fork out additional electricity charges.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Fencemakers – Perth’s complete range of custom designed automatic driveway gates powered by solar. To find out if solar powered gates are right for you, contact Fencemakers today. Catch Jayde on Google+.