Selling a House on Christmas

Eva Henderson

The holiday season ranging from the months of November to January is more or less the worst time you can ever hope to make a sale on the real estate market. The very thought of selling your home over the holidays can really drag most people down, but there are some advantages to working in that time. As less people will end up moving in this time, there will be a much smaller need of the services of moving companies and the like. Most of the buyers will likely be careful and more thorough. The ones around the holidays tend to be more serious with that they want and have clearer understanding, the competition is not quite as stiff as the rest of the year and there will be far fewer homes being marketed. You can improve your lot and chance to sell, but you will need to prepare accordingly. Use the following tips to guide you forward:

  • Decorating without going overboard

Home often look pretty neat during the holiday season, but you should make sure you never go too far with the decorations if you’re planning a sale. Decorations that happen to be too large can end up making your home appearing smaller and distracting the buyers when you need to showcase the best your home can offer, so do what you can to avoid them and to stick to more suitable alternatives instead. Use the time to relocate some of the items you don’t want to showcase, either moving them to your potential new home with professional help or use the services of a man and van company to get them out of the way to a safe location.

  • Hiring a real estate agent

You should make sure you find someone who will be willing for you and won’t simply disappear during the holidays. Ask your family and friends whether they know someone who will be willing to do so and check them out. You will need all the help you can get during that season, as you will likely possess zero experience with such matters you can fall back on when the need arises. The agent will also give you access to a number of other services you can make use of, such as real-estate related companies dealing with moving, cleaning and a number of other things in such a scenario.

  • Seeking buyers

Anyone who happens to be on a hunt for a new home during this particular part of the year will have a pretty good reason for doing so. Using your agent, you will need to look forward to some type of target demographic you can focus on, such as expatriates, relocating employees of companies, military personnel looking for a new home, college students, and investors facing a tax deadline or someone else. Find your niche and stick to it.

  • The price

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, a home that happens to be priced relatively low but has a reason to be desired and not just as a marketing gimmick will be a welcome sight for all. Rather than making some small and gradual reductions in your price, you should most likely slash the price before you place it on the market, as this will garner the most attention in the shortest amount of time, allowing you a potential sale as quickly as possible.

  • Curb appeal

There is a thing that your property will be judged by the way it looks on the outside first, long before what’s inside becomes the center of attention. Never underestimate the importance of curb appeal and what it has to offer in a deal. Make it look good, keep it clean of snow and you will have it ready for that sale.

  • Taking good photos

When the weather is harsh outside, homebuyers are less likely to go to a place in person, but they will likely look at more photos instead. Make sure you have a wonderful set of photos showcasing every aspect of your home as best as possible, possibly even including photos from different seasons if you can to ensure they understand full well what they will potentially buy.