79 Fewings St Toowong the start of doing it differently in Real Estate

Barry Osborne

Real_Estate_is_a_two_sided_coinIt has always amazed me that when you have people coming into an Industry they bring with them a total different perspective as to how to do things because they have no preconceived ideas of how things have been done. Their focus is totally on the customer and the service offered and so develops a totally different agenda. It is not a question of “How do we do something?” it is a different question “How best can we achieve the goal for our customers in the way we do this transaction?”

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In Real Estate, there are really two groups of customers, which are:

  • The Sellers or Vendors

  • The Buyers

They are essentially tied together and could be considered as simply two sides of a coin. The issue is that you need to be considering both groups, even though you can only have ONE CLIENT which is in most cases is the Vendor. But of course the vendor needs you to attract as many potential Buyers as possible if you are going to achieve the best possible result for the Vendor. There is a synergistic need between these two groups of people and you want to create a good relationship between each group. This can be achieved in a number of ways which are:

Starting Point is always with the Vendor

The vendor needs to be committed to the Selling Process in ensuring that they have a clear goal as to the price they wish to achieve and that they have done the research to ensure that price is realistic in the present market and can be substantiated. They are also committed to the preparation of the property to ensure it will be seen in the best possible way. They must also be prepared to pull together all the information about the property and make it available to give the confidence to the buyer that this is a worthwhile property to consider.

Creating an awareness that attracts as many potential Buyers as possible

This is essentially a marketing process which must have a strategy to get to the right sort of buyers for this property.

Pulling a Deal Together to the satisfaction of both parties.

This is where the people skills and the negotiation skills come into play.

In regards to 79 Fewings Street Toowong, what were the strategies that were going to be used to make this different?

Stage 1 attempt to make a relaxed environment for a good relationship to be fostered by both parties.

So it was considered essential to try a Prelaunch Drink on the Friday night on the way home from work for potential buyers. A letter box drop earlier in the week was done in the local area to attract the local community where often buyers come from. One such person who fitted that category attended but others were wanting to get in early to see the property.

Stage 2 make everything easy for the buyer to see the potential of the property.

A video was included in the advertisement on the portal so a person could inspect the property before going there. This video was placed on YouTube but also placed on an Individual Property Website where all the information was held and documents, photos and other important information could be perused at their leisure. Not needing to make contact with agents for the information.

Stage 3 record the Inspection Visitations in a way which is ensuring for easy communication in the future.

Thanks to Technology, there are a number of ways but two methods were offered on the day. People today are becoming more and more conscious of the over use of printed material that means the overuse of trees in the process. So a system was offered where the potential Buyer could register themselves by 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1 Simply send an SMS code on their mobile to a particular mobile number

  • Step 2 A link is immediately sent to them and when clicked on gives a simple form to complete

  • Step 3 Registering the information immediately takes them to the Web Page of the property which they now have on their phone.

For those who did not have their own phone or wanted someone to register them, Agent Genie on the iPad was available.

Overall the two inspections were a success and there were a lot of interest in the property and once again with the assistance of technology an ongoing dialogue can be maintained with the interested parties via email, SMS and the Property Website with updates. If you missed there is another one this coming Saturday at 10.00am.

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