Scary Halloween decorating ideas

Eva Henderson

Halloween is a cherished time of the year, with a lot of preparations and great anticipation. It is a celebration which has long passed the boundaries of few countries and is instead spread everywhere. It should come as no surprise it is so, because it is truly a day that many await and eagerly plan for. It is a lot of fun for the whole family, filled with great activities for children and an awful lot of sweet treats for everyone.

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, it is important to note that pretty much anything (with the exception of too drastic ideas) goes and is in fact greatly encouraged. There is a whole industry behind this one day, which deals with all sorts of things that are required. Costumes, decorations, accessories, thematic gadgets and contraptions are all but tiny part of the million ideas that surround the date of Halloween and of course the pre-party and after party cleaning.

Whether you are attending a big party or having a home celebration, it is important to put effort and creativity to it. There are no rules but only general guidelines one can follow to make a better impression.

One of the most important things, which usually prove to be better for the overall result, is to choose a single theme and stick with it. This means that your decorations should revolve around a single main idea. Whether you choose to make your home a spider den, a house full of walking dead, a witch lair or monster portal to another dimension, work all of your decorations, suits and accessories toward that idea. This will emphasize on your ideas and allow them to create synergy among each other. Halloween-related merchandise and do-it-yourself ideas tend to capture attention, and the more you have and bigger the difference between them, the more they will scatter attention and take away charm from one another. Sticking to a single theme can also help you expand on it for years to come, making it more interesting, diverse and rich in ideas, without spending too much to change the looks every time Halloween comes around. 

Usually, when it comes to Halloween, people often wonder ‘How scary is too scary?’ There can be no definitive answer here. It is clear that the celebration requires horrific sights and ghastly ideas to chill you blood for after all this is the spirit of it. What would Christmas be without snow? That is right – not the same. Same thing with Halloween, we need all of its scary presence to be present to truly feel the spirit and fun of it all. So don’t set limits on your decorations, because how people view them and rate them on a shock and awe scale is entirely subjective. Take a look around and try to decide for yourself if what you see in your neighbor’s home is drastic or not, and go freely about your own ideas.

Oh, and in case you have forgotten – rush to the market and buy a nice pumpkin to carve. A symbol of Halloween, a carved pumpkin is one of the things you should definitely consider. It can take many forms and represent different ideas, and it can fit in nicely with your theme.   

Halloween is about having fun, most of all, and then expressing yourself with anything you might implement in your home for the celebration. Remember to plan and execute everything to leave good impression and above all be satisfied with the result so you can have some good time.