5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Gate to Automatic

Jayde Ferguson

Creating a welcoming entrance for your home is more than just a fresh coat of paint and a well-laid out path. Whilst these things do have an impact, homeowners are starting to realise the benefits of a total revamp to boost the dynamics of their home.

If your home looks (and feels) like its lacking a little love, a great way to lift it is to upgrade your gate. Complete with all the essentials, and your own customised look it’s the perfect way to create an exterior that is warm and inviting. We check out what automatic gates really have to offer.

1. Increase Style and Street Appeal

Exceptionally important come selling time, the street appeal of your home matters. For potential buyers and for you and your family walking into the home, how your house looks on the outside sets the entire scene.  If the front of your property looks like it’s lacking a little love, adding an automatic driveway gate can be an ideal way to spruce things up.

Existing driveway gates and fencing that look tired or worn can be quick to make a modern home look very outdated. Automatic gates can be customised to suit your current home exterior, or be designed with an artistic flair that adds instant style to your property and increases street appeal.

2. Smart Safety

One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners and families is the level of safety their home can offer. And it’s not just the safety that’s a concern either, but all the privacy needed to create your own home retreat. For homes that are subjected to a lot of crime automatic gates can ensure a higher and trusted level of security.

Whether you’re living on your own and need a better level of protection or you have a family with young children and pets, automatic driveway gates are ideal and save you having to get out of your car. The increase in security and privacy that automatic gates bring to properties is invaluable to many homeowners. Because of the gate’s weight, they cannot be forced open which acts as a reliable deterrent to burglars. Automatic driveway gates can come with voice communication systems, intercoms and cameras to further increase security levels and ensure no one unauthorised enters your home.  For a backup solution, most operators will have reserve batteries so it still works during a power failure.

For homes on busy streets, automatic gates can provide a lifesaving solution for young and curious children. Not only do they keep intruders and prying eyes out, but the keep children and pets in the property in a safely designed environment.

3. Convenient Access

For less mobile homeowners, or those that want convenient access, automatic driveway gates provide a super easy means to enter and leave your home. Gates can be easily controlled at the press of a button or swipe of an electronic card so you don’t ever have to physically get out of your car – no nasty weather and no safety is jeopardised.

For most automatic driveway gates, you will have the option to decide what control system access you prefer. Each has their own benefits and disadvantages to consider.  This article provides some great information about choosing the right gate access for your home.

4. Landscaping Love

To make your home’s exterior really stand out, fences and gates can make a big design statement. Match your landscaping and garden space to the fence and gate so the design flows and feels whole, or for a contrasting effect to create that ‘wow’ factor. Whichever you decide, the fence and gate design combined with the outdoor space should act as an extension of your home.

As the first impression of your home, your automatic driveway should reflect your lifestyle and interests. There are multiple designs available with features that can be customised to get the look you want. Some examples can include, but not limited to, scrolls and spears, inverted arcs and peaks. Aesthetic wise, driveway gates can enhance the physique and expression of your home. Before making the switch, it’s essential you consider both the design and functionality of your gate so it matches all the elements and needs of your home.

5. Durable Investment

As far as fencing and gate solutions go, automatic driveway gates are easily the most durable option out there. This combined with its level of security, street appeal and convenience makes them a valuable investment for any homeowner and property.

With well-thought out kerb appeal, there also comes a much needed increase of your property – hence why these decisions are essential come resale time. As an investment opportunity, automatic driveway gates are effective in boosting the value of your home making it much easier to sell when the time comes. On top of this, some insurance companies will even offer a break on premiums after an automatic gate is installed. With the savings you can achieve month-over-month, it makes the perfect investment for many.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Fencemakers – Perth, Western Australia’s complete range of custom designed automatic driveway gates. Catch Jayde on Google+.