There is more to the story about the Sale of 79 Fewings Street Toowong

Barry Osborne

79_Fewings_Street_Toowong_Reduced_3I first met Mark Johnston when we came together with a similar goal in mind, attending the REIQ course to achieve our Real Estate Agent Licence. It just so happened that we sat next to each other and continued to do so for the whole of the course. But we also found from our discussions together that we had many common views about the Real Estate Industry. More importantly we wanted to offer new marketing solutions to the industry even though we were coming from slightly different directions. Mark was involved in the video production industry and he saw the real value in the greater use of the video which I agreed needed to occur but I also saw that there was even a greater need for change from the old Outbound Marketing Techniques to the use of the more modern Inbound Marketing Techniques by Real Estate Agents.

We completed the course without too much trauma and went our separate ways and with our certificates in hand, we both applied to the Government Department and attained our licenses. Then out of the blue I received a message from my old REIQ Course Mate, who wanted to meet and have a talk. We got to talk and immediately one could say that we both had plans to change this Industry in some very positive ways. Mark was in the process of finalising the arrangements of selling a house for a friend of his and the discussion turned to, “Why don’t we put our theories together and demonstrate a new innovative Marketing Strategy for 79 Fewings Street Toowong?' This property has now gone to market as ARCHITECTURAL qrcode.25348001_79_Fewings_St_ToowongDESIGN FOR LIFESTYLE in Toowong. So what are the differences that we want to bring to the Marketing of Real Estate.

 Ease of Search for 79 Fewings Street Toowong

We accept that the majority of people searching for a property go to the Internet first. So we need a strong presence on the Internet in a number of ways:

  1. The Internet Portal  was chosen as being the strongest in Queensland (although some fighting between agents and the operators at present).

  2. Mark commissioned a Video to be done, which can now be seen on YouTube.

  3. I set up a web site for the property which also included the video, but more importantly included most information on the property, but from the perspective of this property making a great home and being a great area to live in.

So anyone searching the Internet at any time of the day or night can get all the information about this property.

The information includes such very important items of information such as

  • Title Document

  • House Plans

  • Comparative Marketing Analysis

  • PRICE (at long last)

So our clients no longer need to phone an agent to receive all the important information. They have the power in their fingers across their keyboard to:

  • Inspect the property by video

  • Check out the comparative market information,

  • View the layout of the home

  • Know immediately whether the house is in their price range. 

This is the way it should be in any modern purchase exercise, but for some reason agents in the past have not allowed this to occur.

The marketing focus is always on the property NOT the Agent

To emphasise this point, check out our agent photos on  . Our Marketing focus will always be the property and the goal is to get the greatest exposure and achieve the sale. Buyers are ONLY interested in the property. But come to an inspection and meet us and confirm that we do have heads.

Nothing will ever take away the importance of the personal Inspection of the Property

We have even taken the inspection process to another level where this Friday at 6pm (24th October 2014) there is being held a Pre-Launch Inspection where you can meet the owners and ask all the questions you want, but more importantly get a really relaxed feel for this wonderful Lifestyle Home. But if you can’t make that Inspection there is a normal inspection next day at 10.00am. More inspections will be occurring and will be on the website.

It is our sincere intention to ensure that we are giving this property all our attention and we will be constantly updating our Individual Property Website with more information as buyers make us aware of their needs. Any action that happens on this property will be posted immediately on the website and all interested parties will be notified. The days of passive advertisements that never get updated from the start of the campaign are over.

Mark and I would love to receive any feedback you may have in improving our systems. So please get involved, help us share the news about this great property, and give us comments as to the changes that are needed in marketing Real Estate. Please make your comments below because they are important to us or contact me.