De-clutter Your Home Before Moving Out

Eva Henderson

Often moving out is the time to reconsider what items you will use in your house. The process brings out things that you have forgotten over the years or you recklessly put into the closet. As a result, you start asking yourself “Why I even bothered to keep all this?”

Eventually you realize that getting rid of the unnecessary stuff might be a good idea and you even get excited. Until you see the giant pile of junk that needs to be sorted out. Don’t get discouraged! Here we have some tips that will help you win the battle with the clutter so that you can be ready for a fresh start in your new home.

As we already mentioned, de-cluttering comes with loads of anxiety and stress, especially when you’re pressed by a deadline to move out soon. If you feel defeated before you have even started, chances are you’ll never be able to clean your house. That is why instead of worrying, try to enjoy the process. Get creative! Involve the whole family in the process and make it more like game than a tedious task. Challenge each of your family members to find as many as possible unnecessary items and see who will get more.

Schedule convenient time for your de–cluttering sessions and keep up with them. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day.  You will feel the difference.

Divide and conquer. These are the keywords when de–cluttering your living space.  Start by mapping different areas and work room by room. Get a strategy and follow it. Begin with little tasks like cleaning up the cupboards. Small success will encourage you. Use different boxes for the items you plan to keep, give away, put away or throw out. This approach known as the Four – Box method will give you the opportunity to thoroughly consider each item and to ask yourself whether you can incorporate it in your daily routine or you will need it later; maybe you have no use of it and you can sell it or donate.

Box and Banish is simple alternative to the Four – Box method and it is a drastic way to remove the unnecessary stuff  from your home. Collect all the clutter in boxes and work until the area is free. After that open one box or bag at a time and determine what you need to keep or to move away. This method gives immediate results but it has its downsides. First, it can be very exhausting. In a way you are doubling your work. Second it creates an inevitable mess in which it will be extremely hard to detect a missing item. Most of all, it does nothing to improve the situation. It is more of a temporary solution when you’re in a hurry than an effective way to resolve the problem. Basically it works on the principle out of sight, out of mind.

However, no matter which method you choose, all efforts will be pointless if you do everything at the last minute. A good strategy is to start selling some of your items online or to organise a small garage sale several months before you move out. Packaging your belongings earlier will give you time to asses all your possesions and decide what to do with them. It this way, when the moving day comes you can leave with minimum stress.


Remember, although de –cluttering may look like an impossible task, getting rid of the unnecessary items can be also quite relieving.