Three things an Entrepreneur and a Real Estate Agent do NOT have in Common

Barry Osborne

Entrepreneur_in_Real_estateIt is amazing when you come from outside an Industry that you can see things from a completely different perspective. After already doing this in four other industries, part of the exhilaration in developing a new business model, is that you have no preconceived ideas as to what has to be done to offer to the consumer a better service and much better, more cost effective experience. It sounds strange that things need to change but no one else seems to think that way. Maybe that is all because most agents are offering a similar service and a system that they want to maintain. But what about the clients or customers?

The Entrepreneur is always in constant search for opportunites in the market place where so often industries have lost the ability to look at things from the client perspective.This I believe is the case in marketing a property by today's Real Estate Industry. In demonstrating this, consider three major differences in the way an Entrepreneur approaches their business compared to the typical Real Estate Agent.

No 1 The end Goal for any Entrepreneur in NEVER about Money

The entrepreneur is on the constant search for opportunities and often they see something in the market place which makes them say to themselves:

"This is not right there must be a better way of doing this."

But in developing the new business concept, the goal that they strive for is more like:

  •          Creating something that is lacking in the market place

  •          Do a much better existing service which is being done poorly

  •          Developing a new system or procedure which will streamline what is on offer at present

  •          Giving the market what they want when the present industry is not listening

  •          Or just being totally out in left field, creating something wonderful that no one else has even thought of…The Impossible Dream and making it happen. 

But it is never the idea of just making money because as a goal, what is it you are actually striving for? They know that if they are right with their predictions and their business becomes a success then the money will come, but that is totally secondary. It is a real shame that in the Real Estate Industry, the focus is money. It is the reason that people come into the industry because they know there is no other Industry where you are able to make the level of fees with so little qualifications, experience or training.

No 2 The focus of the Entrepreneur is NEVER about themselves.

The Entrepeneur considers his new developing operation as his/her baby and he/she will nurture that business in order to get it to the success stage. Everything has to be about the business and he/she will do anything to make it happen. It will only be after the success of this new operation, that someone may write a story telling about this wonderful new innovation that you even get to know who developed it. They want no distraction from their business, it is everything.

But as we know, in the Real Estate Business it is about the Agent and their image. So you would not be wrong in thinking that they are marketing more of themselves than the property they are selling. So often their face is the biggest part of the advertisement. But as I have said before, who these days buys a property because of the agent. It has all to do about the property. The Buying and Selling can be an emotional and complex decision.

No 3 Mind and the Thinking is NEVER Closed

The Entrepreneur has a mind that is like a sponge absorbing every bit of knowledge regarding the business, the needs of the customers, and new technologies that will help advance their business and the service offered. So often I have seen in industries that they become staid because the main operators believe they have a winning formulae and so just keep doing the same old thing. However, the customer is often receiving an inferior service because the innovation with new ideas are being stifled.

Many of the operatives of the Real Estate Industry are still offering the same type of service that has been offered for the last 30 or 40 years. But the market and the customers have changed in the way they search and the way they buy. So if you are a Seller, YOU need to consider those new Your Home Marketing Agents that will get your property the exposure it deserves.

The Real Estate Industry needs change to ensure you are receiving a much better service and greater value for your money in the fees that you are being charged in Selling Your Home. So make contact today and learn more about the innovative ways of marketing Real Estate in Brisbane's Inner West.