As the Role of the Real Estate Agent changes so will their skills

Barry Osborne

Real_Estate_Exec_JoeSince about the mid 80’s, I have found that businesses in most industries have to cope with the constant pressure of change as it moved from a so many year cycles to just been constant change. It meant that business owners had to be on the alert as to:

  •          The direction the market place was heading

  •          Their business was capable of changing

  •          Their business was moving in the right direction

In most cases, the market was changing due to the changing needs of consumers. But it is very interesting that this phenomenon is often matched by a reluctance of many businesses NOT to change. There is something in the human brain which loves the comfort zone of doing something the same old way.

So t seems it is in the Real Estate Industry where you can see many of the practices particularly in the marketing of property still using those similar practices as of the 70’s or 80’s. It is interesting that the Industry has been able to get away with this situation, but it seems that the Industry has been able to act as a united front in enforcing the same practices throughout the industry because it is in their interest to maintain a good system for them. You are asking rightly so, “What other options are there?”

Along comes the INTERNET, and now the consumers will demand change by their actions and low behold those companies who do not listen. So what are the changes in the role of the Real Estate Agent.

Offering a Selection of Properties for Sale

The reason why the shop front locations were so important because if you wanted to browse for houses in Auchenflower, Bardon or Paddington the best thing was to search in the windows of the R E Agency shops in the area. Sounds archaic doesn’t it? Who does that these days? But still there are many agents, even some of the major agencies, who still have their properties in the front window for those few people who may. Most people however, over 70% just go to good old Mr Google and search the web and a few portals will give you a list of properties in the area you are searching for, being sold by nearly all the agents. Don’t even have to talk to an agent at this stage. You find the property you like first, then you may contact the agent.

Ability to make YOUR property stand out from the Rest

This is the big change for the agent. Up until now, they have the Salesperson mentality and they try to sell their property to a potential client who has contacted them after completing their research. But this MAYBE TOO LATE. What if in the scanning of the internet by the client, and your particular property did not stand out and the client simply moved onto the next property?

You only get 3 seconds to grab their attention.

This often occurs because the advertisements whether on the portal or in the press, make all the properties start to have a look of sameness about them. Imagine how strange that we have the same standard format, for all properties, for all agents in presenting their properties. Some agents think they will be real smart and so they intentionally restrict such things as the full address, or the price or anything else that will make the client need to phone the agent. GUESS WHAT? The irritated researcher just simply moves on to the next, because they are searching at night and want the necessary information NOW and at their fingertips not by a phone call tomorrow at work. Only a Salesperson would play theses games. So what is needed more now is the Marketing Skill that will not only differentiate your property but more importantly attract the client in a way that the client wants to definitely see this property.

Ability to Close the Deal

The consumer has moved to a higher level because they have done more research then they have ever done. Now the consumer has more knowledge on the market then possibly the agent, because they are working across all agents in the market and getting all opinions. Now once again, the Sales person approach is to hold on to this information so the researcher cannot get all the information. MORE COLLATERAL DAMAGE. The modern day internet business person, knows that to get onto the clients good side is to be HEPFUL and to offer their advice and information FREELY over the internet. Cry of horror from the Salesperson, as they feel they are losing control. But with good internet business skills, the new skilled agent knows they will win the client with these modern day practices of transparency.

So as you can see, the role of the Real Estate Agent will change and has changed even though there is so many agents still holding onto the old safe way that has been so good for them for all these years. But to some of the new innovative more marketing agents and more internet business like in their approach, there are exciting times a head and particularly for the Sellers and Buyers a much better system on offer which will give them a much better experience.

In Selling Your Home and ensuring your property stands out in todays internet market, different skills are required and not just the old salesperson approach. So make contact to discuss how this can occur by using the services of an innovative Your Home Marketing Agent, I look forward to discussing this new approach.