Now a Real Estate Agent in Brisbane's Inner West, so what?

Barry Osborne

a-different-direction-for-real-estate-agent-in brisbanes-inner-westIt was Groucho Marx who said “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” I can see that being a successful Real Estate Agent in Brisbane’s Inner West is like attempting to join an exclusive club. Nearly impossible. But do I want to be a member? What price would I have to pay to belong? I want to operate by a different set of rules that will have me swimming in a different direction. I said, in a previous blog, it was never ever my intention to become a Real Estate Agent, so WHY would I want to become a Real Estate Agent?

here is reason in my madness in becoming a new innovative Real Estate Agent in Brisbane's Inner West. I want to see changes because I see there are much better ways of Selling Your Home then what is being offered by most operators in the market. Selling and Buying of Real Estate is such an important transaction in building your own personal wealth and every transaction needs to be a winner. There is a great need to offer a completely different service (not the same old service) that will give another option to vendors selling their home. So what would I do in offering a different service?

Well I can say this is not rocket science and it would not necessarily take my University education nor my many years of business experience to work out the changes needed when most other industries have already changed. So what am I offering my clients? 

  1. I am NOT simply taking on properties to add to my listing to demonstrate my success

I do not believe that the more properties I have on my books to sell, the more successful it makes me. I want a few properties that I am working on at any one time. When I take on a project to sell a property my goal is to ensure that property is sold and it will receive my full attention until sold at the agreed price or better. The press is saying the opposite "the agent that has the listings is the agent that gets the listings." I am really swimming in the opposite direction but isn't selling YOUR home about the attention given to your property.

  1. The Client commitment is a two way partnership

It is so essential in any relationship that the two parties are committed to each other and they are in full agreement as to terms and conditions under which the project is undertaken. There has to be very open and honest discussion right at the start as to what is being agreed to, and if that agreement cannot be reached whether it be as to what has to be done in preparing the property for sale or the market price of the house, then the project will not be taken on.

  1. The emphasis is on Marketing the Property

That will mean that I am taking on a much bigger role than simply being just a salesperson. The aim is to make each and every property under my banner stand out from the rest of the properties on the market at that time. This can only be done by focussing on the benefits of that particular property in becoming a wonderful home for the perspective buyer. It will also require the ability to determine who would be the ideal buyer of this property and then focus all marketing to reach those type of buyers.

  1. My clients will receive Value for Money

The fees for doing the project will be negotiated and will depend on the effort required to achieve the successful outcome. It will not be one fee fits all projects. It is my goal to keep overheads to a minimum so that clients are not paying for things like costly shop front locations which is no longer needed in the operation. This will also include ensuring the Marketing Costs are restricted to those areas that will ensure the effectiveness of real estate marketing, creating the awareness required, and can be monitored to ensure the expected results are being achieved.

  1. My Success is the Client’s success in achieving the agreed Goal

I will not pride myself on the number of houses sold in any period, but the success on selling every property that I take on and achieving the goal that was agreed together with the client. More importantly, my success is also becoming known within the market place as the Your Home Marketing Agent who is constantly offering free advice on selling your home tips, supplying the important information on property, and generally being helpful to all property sellers and buyers.

The way in which we sell real estate is out of date and the present system does not work in favour of the sellers of real estate. You the owner of the property have the power to get a much better deal that will leave you with more money after the sale and with a much better overall experience.

So make the change by putting your interests first and at least have a discussion with an innovative Your Home Marketing Agent before making the important decision to sell. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.