Cleaning a New Home before Moving In

Eva Henderson


When you move into a new home, one of the first things you will need to do is to make sure you check out all things that need cleaning. Since most new homes are rarely in top condition when it comes to cleaning, you would do well to keep track of it all before you settle in. Since we rarely move on a local basis, we will pretty much have a much smaller chance to clean things before everything arrives. We will often have to do our cleaning around our belongings once they’re there, which doesn’t always work well and it requires a lot more patience to pull off. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can use:

·         Cleaning the Kitchen

This will be one of the more important tasks that need doing, since having a dirty kitchen will make things a lot harder in the long run. Most kitchens will keep the smells and cooking signs of their inhabitants unless you’ve bought a brand new home or one that has been meticulously renovated. You will have to spend quite a bit of time cleaning every surface there, so this will take a good bit of time on your first day. Set aside enough of your day to make sure you will do things without interruptions.

·         Cleaning Appliances

This is the area and time when you will have a serious need of a good heavy-duty cleaner, which will need to include a paste or wax of some sort. You could also do a lot of good by using baking soda and water, as well as making sure you have good, heavy cloth and some sponges to work with. Start with the stove and remove all elements from it, cleaning it with a strong cleaner to ensure you have no food scraps stuck on to it. If you do use a brush, make sure it won’t scratch the paint of the stove. Soak any trays and racks in the sink using soapy hot water to dissolve food scraps and anything else on them. Take a good look in the oven and make sure you do a good bit of cleaning there too. The hood will also need a good bit of attention, so make sure you give it what it deserves to keep it clean.

You will also need to deal with the refrigerator as well. Once you clear it out and deal with it, you will have a much better time dealing with the storage of food in there. After all, the last thing you want is to have is unpleasant smells from previous owners seeping into your own food. Wash the inside of it as well as its walls and shelves, remove anything you can remove and wash it carefully in your sink. Check and clean the freezer, wipe the inside as best as you can, unplug the fridge and give it some time to warm up and melt before you clean it and make sure you avoid using any rough materials when cleaning.