Amazing to browse houses for sale and to focus totally on the property

Barry Osborne

Browse_houses_and_abide_by_Happy_Wife,_Happy_Life_2With the advent of the Internet, the importance of the real estate agency in bringing property to the market has reduced drastically. Who looks in Agents windows as to what properties are for sale? No need to, you simply do a search on the internet and you can find all the properties for sale from all agencies in your area, in a few portals. When you do your search, are you

  • looking at the property or the agent?

  • concerned about who the agent is?

  • upset when you cannot get all the information?

Times have changed and our need is to receive all the information on the property before the important purchase.

ow in many ways the RealEstate Industry is fighting to maintain the old system because they have a very important role in having all the information that property buyers are needing to make their purchase. However, the consumers have now changed and really demand that they have that information when they are searching the web. This doesnot mean that the agent's role is less important, it only means that the role of the agent has changed. and the emphasis has to be on other parts of the service they offer. I have spoken in previous blogs about this changing role:

The message is very clear that there needs to be a paradigm shift away from Selling to people and this is very much supported by the following facts:

  1. Women lead the search for property online 

This mentions again that figure I quote that 74% of visitors to the Homes for Sale section of the website were between the ages of 25 and 49 years. This will only increase as it has done in the US where the figures are above the 90%.

  1. Women and Men Home-Buying Decisions 

This survey found that “28 percent of women and 25 percent of men put more emphasis on their feelings about a home than they do on the layout, square footage, or price. The majority of women (62 percent) and men (61 percent) also know within the first visit if the home is right for them.” As you can see the agent's involvement may not even be relevant at this stage.

  1. Happy wife, Happy Life rule 

Now myself being a meagre male, I am confident that the wife takes the upper hand when it comes to the decision on Buying your Home and there is no way in the world that a good salesperson, no matter how good they are, could convince my wife or any wife, I am sure, to buy a particular house if there was not some emotional attachment to the particular property.

So where does this leave us? Well, it appears we have a major disparity in the Real Estate industry that needs to be fixed. The Real Estate world as we know it has to change and we need to start thinking for the buyers even if your agent is working for you the Seller. The skills required for the new Real Estate Agent in Brisbane’s Inner West or anywhere, will be less about Selling skills and more about their Marketing Skills. It is very obvious that a potential buyer will simply go in their own good time to the various portals and search the properties within the area they wish to buy. This could even be made easier by some new companies who glean the internet to find all the properties like in Brisbane's Inner West by going to a site to:

The old selling strategies of:

  • Shop front listings

  • Newsletters regularly sent to old clients

  • Newspaper advertisement that simply discribes the property

  • emails sent out to potential buyers

are not going to be as suitable as they have been in the past.

It is easy to see that present Real Estate Agents have worked out a formulae for Selling and they are sticking to it. BUT IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE. The problem is that with present day advertising all the properties start to have this same feel not only on their exposure but also the way they are described. We now know that EMOTION plays a big part in the decision making in Buying a Home. But how many properties are described in a very emotive way. In the Marketing world, this is described as POSITIONING and it is all about making your property stand out from all the rest. Too many properties are simply described and that loses much in the emotive story that attracts buyers to your property.


So it is very clear that you need in selling your home a new style, innovative Your Home Marketing Agent who is capable of facing the challenges of the internet world in marketing your property. So make contact today for an informative discussion.