What will it mean to work by the New Rules for Selling Real Estate?

Barry Osborne

Change_of_Focus_in_Selling_Real_EstateChanges occur not because they have to but because people want to in order to improve what is existing at present. There is no need to change unless there is a goal at the end of the whole process. The goal must reflect the improved benefits of the new system and there are better results for all parties. At present, the major issue is that someone is in control of the situation and that is not the Seller or Buyer. This has to change and a total new transparency will occur in the Real Estate Selling process.

The Changes that need to occur are changes to our focus in Selling Real Estate such as:

CHANGE #1 The Central Focus to everything will be the Internet

In Australia, it is something like 74% of women, the main researches on the internet of information of real estate, but in the USA it is much more significant which you can read in the Most Incredible Real Estate Marketing Statistics which says:

  • 92% of people research the internet for their Real Estate Information.

I am confident that it won’t take long for Australia to catch up. So of course that is where we should be focussing our attention in Selling Real Estate in Inner West Brisbane or anywhere. 

  • 84% of real estate firms are independent, non-franchised companies.

The internet creates a level playing field for the agencies where it is no longer a large cost factor where only the big agencies can operate. Size does not matter with Real Estate Companies.

  • Only 25% of Real Estate Advertising is going on print media.

This is not the case in Australia where so many Sellers are convinced by good Salespeople to spend large sums of money on press advertising and brochures when there is no way to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing. Because of the short time frame in marketing properties, some press will be required and the more local press will be important, but the type of advertisements will change to virtually a picture to attract the buyer with minimum information and they will be redirected to a website to get all the information that they need. This allows for the monitoring of interest by sincere parties.

CHANGE #2 Focus will divert from the Agent to the Property

Somehow in Real Estate it seems that there is an emphasis on the Salesperson more than on the property. However, in buying a property a buyer does not buy a property because of a particular Salesperson, they buy because they love the property and want to make it theirs. The agent does have an important role but the focus has to be on their skills and what they will contribute to the transaction. Those skills will be Marketing skills that will make certain your property stands out from the rest of the other properties in the market at the time and be able to broadcast the property to as many serious buyers who are in the market for this type of property.

There is a real perception that the Salesperson makes the difference.

This may be the reason why Salespeople are always marketing themselves? The purpose of the salesperson is to bring the property together with the right buyers. But under the old rules, it was simply a matter of broadcasting to everyone and anyone and hopefully you find some. This can be very expensive and hard to monitor the effectiveness of the real estate marketing. The new rules will force the good agents to focus on the right marketing personas who would be more likely to buy. It is very much focused Marketing and is able to be monitored by analytics. The good salespeople will be those who attract a following on their helpful and good advice across the internet.

CHANGE #3 Focus on Availability of Information  

Information is power and too often this power has been left in the hands of the Industry and it is very difficult to get the information when you want it; that is immediately. Just imagine, the changes in the Industry if the critical information was immediately available to anyone researching the market.

That is where growth will occur in Information Technology for Real Estate Marketing.

Data needs to be disseminated that will give the true picture of the market place. One needs to Browse Houses for Sale or Browse Sold houses and get the full details not having to extract information from a Salesperson.There is a constant flow of information about Auctions which gives the impression that most properties are sold this way and yet it represents something around 20% of all sales. We often hear about the house that sold at Auction way over the reserve price. Why can’t we get the report on all Auctions (post auction) and receive the reserve price and the sale price if cleared. This is the type of transparency that is needed in modern marketing techniques in Real Estate. Once people have all the information they can make the important decisions on Selling the Home without being convinced to do things by a good salesperson.

People are able to make decisions for themselves, if the information is available.

There are exciting times a head for the Real Estate Industry as the New Rules for Selling take hold. They will occur because it has already occurred in so many industries, driven by people like yourself who want to do proper research on the internet before making any decision. Fortunately, companies who withhold information will be bypassed by the new innovative companies who want to support their clients with the information they need. Check out a new innovative company www.YourHomeSale.com.au

Here are some Selling Your Home tips that will help making the important decision. Download now from the original blog link.