We need New Rules for Selling Real Estate to achieve the BEST RESULT

Barry Osborne


Different_Track_for_Real_Estate_SellingThe world of Selling has changed and there has been a paradigm shift in thinking. This is shown so well by this slide presentation that I came across on Slideshare last week which really demonstrated exactly what I have been feeling and saying about the Real Estate Industry. So please take the time to go through this whole presentation The New Rules of Selling as it is well worth it. I would like to use just some of these slides to reinforce the need to be thinking differently when you are Selling Your Home Auchenflower, Bardon, Paddington or where ever. More importantly the Real Estate Agent you use needs to be on a different track then the old one, if you want to achieve the BEST result.

I thought the following points were very relevant and that we need New Rules for Selling Real Estate if it is going to fall into line with the world trends of Selling.

POINT #1 The Traditional Sales Model is Broken

New_Rules_of_Selling_-_Sales_Model_BrokenThe way in which people buy has moved on from where advertisements ruled the day, being everywhere in our life, and have switched to doing more research on the internet for themselves. So it is critical that when Selling your Home that your agent is not on the old track of Selling and turning off the very important buyers because of this......

New_Rules_of_selling_-_People_Hate_to_be_SOLD_toPeople are becoming very switched off to the old tactics of Selling and they see them as INTRUSIVE in their private life and therefore are switching off to the many practices that are synonymous with Real Estate Agents such as cold calling, door knocking and the copious amounts of literature in the letter box.

POINT #2 The New World of Helping NOT Selling

New_Rules_of_Selling_-_Too_Busy_SellingMost people buying today will always go to the Internet first and do their own research before even talking to a Salesperson. The issue with the old practices in Real Estate is that “Many salespeople are BUSY SELLING that they don’t have the time to actually BE HELPFUL". This is the new track for the Industry where buyers go through a research process first and the buyers expect to receive the necessary information without the need to speak to a Salesperson.  Only too often buyers are asked to phone Agents to get the necessary information that they require to make an informed property purchase decision. Buyers want the information now whenever they are doing their research.New_Rules_of_Selling_-_Buyers_need_Information_Now

This is the reason that with www.YourHomeSale.com.au  you are able to easily receive the important information as:

because this is the critical information that both Sellers & Buyers need when making the critical decision of selling or buying in our area of Auchenflower, Bardon & Paddington or any area.

It is understandable that the agents want to ensure:that any potential buyer is registered with them. However, this can be done with new technology which asks the researcher/buyer to complete a brief form and the information is immediately sent to them. So both parties can achieve their goals without upsetting anyone. It just means we have to do things differently.

POINT #2 The Buyers are in Control


This is something that will happen and people will need to accept it. Buyers in all areas of life are now deciding through the internet as to whether they will buy a particular product, which is the best to buy for their money, and from whom they will buy. They do not need to speak to a Salesperson to make the decision, and they will buy only from that company which has been so helpful and has lived up to their expectations. Buyers have to be given the respect and not made to feel as if they are being manipulated.

I am confident the new changes will make things more transparent and allow everyone to have a much better experience. and achieve better results.

Many thanks go to David Meerman Scott for this great informative presentation and for his book which really summed up the changes that has occurred in the Selling World.

These changes will not be detrimental to the whole selling process, and it will not come at a disadvantage to the Seller. All people whether Seller or Buyer want to be treated with respect and they want  transparency with the deal. So Selling Your Home AuchenFlower, Bardon Paddington and you want a refreshing (Not a Hard Sell) approach and just an honest discussion on whether To Sell or not at this stage, then please contact www.YourHomeSale.com.au  and also receive access to some very innovative marketing to maximise exposure for property sale.

Download also some Selling Your Home Tips which may help you with your big decision. Go to original Blog Link attached