How To Create The WOW When You Haven't Got a Clue.

Bernadette Janson

Are you creatively challenged ?

Do you have palpitations at the thought of designing or styling your own renovation?

Well I am here to let you into a BIG Secret......  drumroll...... There is NO such thing as an original idea.

Apparently any idea we come up with now has  been thought up before and what we have now is the recyling and reusing of ideas that someone else has thought of first, a kinder way of saying it  is 'taking inspiration'.

So, we talk a lot about being creative in renovating but that doesn't necessarily mean being able to create your own design.  So these days most design is just creative copying.

Now dont get me wrong, we have a contingent of hugely talented designers in our midst but when renovating for profit you dont have to be one, all you need to do is model the best.

How do you do that? Well, actually it is a lot of fun and very addictive ..

  • Visit  display villages,  new apartment show rooms,  kitchen showrooms, bathroom show rooms and take lots of photos .
  • Go to home shows and expos
  • Scour magazines and books
  • Internet  sites like tumblr, archello, archicentre etc .

When ever we go on holidays, I always check out the hotels for design ideas, upmarket hotels are a rich source of ideas that you can duplicate quite cheaply to achieve the Resort Look.

Bring it all together

Keep a laminator set up an handy for  pages you want to keep then , together with photos and brochures,  create a design board or file .

So the next time you are needing to add  some WOW have somewhere at your fingertips to find the inspiration.

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