Moving House DIY or hire someone to do it

Tony Eliott

 So you have sold your house and are debating weather to do it your self or hire removalist.
 Hiring a truck can be a good option but you will have no pads,trolleys and ropes so its almost certain you will at least scratch you furniture but a least you will get the pleasure of doing it your self.
If you hire someone to do it here are some tips.
1. Choose a mid range business with low over heads the are a lot of companies out there offering basic removal  some you might know but the big ones have large over heads and that is usaly reflected in the price.
2.Start putting you feelers out a couple of weeks before you move and interviewing a few different people.
   but its a good idea to hire a easy going operator that keeps his costs down and cares about his customers.
3. If its a mid range business with a few trucks ask to speak to the manager or coordinator you can get more info out off the person that runs it that just a representitive
4.Most smaller-mid operators charge about $100 per hour for 2 men & truck but what happens on the day is what counts $10 or $20ph is not much difference if the guy you hire and you are not on the same level.
5.Try and make it a light hearted affair on the day and hire a happy easy going guy if things get done  in a happy manner things go go quicker.
6.Ask for references and go with your gut feeling if your gut says no then its properly a no to hiring that guy. Referrences  don't lie there hard to get.
If you are hiring someone and not sure off everything they offer,I would be happy do do a bit off snooping round for you drop me a line at
Happy Moving
Tony Elliott