Why 'man caves' rock (pun intended)

Darren Moffatt


There is a totally FAB article today by Amanada Haack in Property Observer on the burgeoning trend of 'man caves' as a selling feature in Aussie homes.

She doesn't seem to 'get' Man Caves, but I don't care. I've been waiting for an excuse - any excuse - to talk about them since my mate 'C' brought a place last year with expansive Man Cave potential.

Yes, it really is a trend, and like anything between mates, there's a competitive edge to it too. Who's got the best Man Cave? What criteria do you judge by?

Well, I reckon anything genuinely underground wins. Just a spare room out the back converted into a retreat for dad won't really cut it. Ideally your Man Cave should have the following attributes:

  • A genuine hole in the ground, under the floor boards
  • Accessible only by hidden trap door & step ladder
  • Inauspicious entry, opening up to a vast undergound cavern filled chocko-block with the latest toys of choice
  • Far anough away and/or sufficiently insulated to conveniently muffle calls from family to re-surface back to civilisation
  • A walled library full of the best existential philiosophy, but failing that, a full beer fridge and a few chairs 

What do you think? Any criteria I might have missed? Let me know!

Sadly, I don't yet have a Man Cave (you probably guessed that). But I can live vicariously through others so please feel free to post any Man Cave pics! 

It will hurt, but I can take it.