Renting Benefit of Additional Bathroom

David Blundell

Can any Letting Agent give an idea of the Rental Income benefits of adding an adjacent / en suite bathroom [physically located between two standard sized double bedrooms #, located on the 1st floor landing?

The house has one large double bedroom. Two respectable sized double bedrooms.

[On the 1st floor there is also a master bedroom with it's own en suite wet bathroom and two vanities and downstairs on the ground floor is a large double bedroom, with en suite separate vanity, closed wc and separate good wised wet shower - large enough for two]

Currently all three 1st floor bedrooms, have shared access to a vanity area on the landing and adjacent closed wc next to the shower & bathroom which has a standard sized bath and comfortable corner shower, also vanity unit. Between these two standard double bedrooms, we have space to pop an additional 2.5 x 3 meter double size wet shower and wc and vanity

Because we are endeavouring to determine the best configuration when using the landing space between the two double bedrooms, we could:

a. make the new bathroom en suite 'to both bedrooms' - with two doors - a catch inside to provide privacy from the other bedroom when in use
b. en suite to one bedroom - with door access to the other bedroom
c. one door access to any of the three double bedrooms


Any advice regarding likely increased value of whichever of these options is installed would also be appreciated?

Many Thanks!     :David