Trust Moneys Return

Rosy Sullivan


One of the important notifications that is currently on the website is the reminder for licence holders to have their Trust Account audit completed on time. For any licence holders who have not consulted the Fair Trading website, the Trust Account audit  must be lodged by 30 September 2012.  Any current licence holders, former licence holders or a representative of a licensee,  who has held or received trust monies in the financial year ending June 30th 2012 must have their trust account audited by an authorised auditor.

If a licensed corporation or an individual licensee has not held any trust money during 2011/12, then a statutory declaration to this effect must be lodged.

This means that every licensee, both corporations and individuals, must lodge either a trust account audit or a statutory declaration. Completed statutory declarations must be returned by 30 September 2012.

If you have held trust monies, visit the Fair Trading website and download the Auditors guide:

and Audit Report:

If you have not held trust monies and are required to complete the statutory declaration, be sure to download the correct form:

Licensee Corporation:

Individual Licensee: