Changing Work Address???

Rosy Sullivan


Starting a new job can bring with it many changes, business cards, phone numbers, uniforms and of course your work address. Most agents will have changed offices throughout their career and sent through a quick letter on the fax to NSW Fair Trading to update their licence or certificate information when they remember.  NSW Fair Trading now require you to complete a designated form to have your licence information updated and will no longer accept a letter to do so.

Those agents who have forgotten to change their address, and then not received their licence or certificate renewal forms, will know the importance of changing their work address, from the hard experience of having to either pay a late fee or to re-apply for their certificate or licence.

If you have changed your office address you can download the right form from the NSW Fair Trading website:   

There are two forms available, one for licence holders and one for certificate holders.

Don’t forget that the NSW Fair Trading website is an excellent tool for keeping you updated of any changes to the industry and any important notifications you may require.