1 of 5 things I did to start making my property dreams come true:

Fleur Allen

1. Just do it! Just make a start....

How many times have you heard your parents, uncle, aunt, boss (or sometimes it feels like the whole world) say to you: "Just get into the property market?"

It's at this point you feel you have half a dozen reasons why you haven't bought your own home or investment property. I completely understand because I was in the same position 15 years ago. However I challenge you, are all these reasons legitimately holding you back or are you allowing them too. Perhaps it all feels too overwhelming? This is a valid feeling.

What I came to realise was, that by owning property and staying put (holding property) for at least five years, this created increased capital gain thus growing my personal wealth. With the right research and advice, and a deposit, I was on my way and so can you too. Think about what the number one thing you need TODAY to get started? Is it to surround yourself with the right experts, work with a mentor, or start saving for the deposit? Whatever it is big or small - start TODAY not tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow becomes the next day, then the next, then next week, month, year and before you know it you 10 years later you still haven't started. Let's make TODAY your starting day!