Emotion is the enemy when selecting agents in Selling your Home

Barry Osborne

Selling_your_House_YourselfOnce again it must be stressed that the Selling Your Home or Buying Your Home is the most important decision you make in regards to the growth in your personal wealth. Therefore you would expect that all associated decisions in this area would be thoroughly researched and well thought out so that logical decisions are made. But too often emotion gets involved that clouds the issues and lead you in to making decisions that you will pay for a long time into your future.


So to assist in this whole process I will give you three rules that you can apply that will allow you to make better decisions. These rules are:

RULE #1     ACCEPT that emotion is very much a part of everything relating to your home including Selling Your Home or Buying your Home.

RULE #2     CONTROL the emotion and be aware when it is influencing your decisions

RULE # 3    ENSURE that all decisions in regards to your property are based on well researched logical facts even though emotion may have initiated the whole buying or selling process.

Now if we apply these rules, I am confident that better decisions will be made. This is just as important when selecting an agent or not selecting an agent when Selling Your Home. But in this case I will be looking only at the scenario of using an agent for your home sale and the need to select the right one. The above 3 Rules will apply very much in this situation because many good salespeople have a strategy of hooking your emotion to achieve what they want and that is selecting them as your agent in Selling your Home. Consider the following scenario:

Critical Decisions Left up in the Air

This is meaning that too often you are lead by statements such as:

  •  " Your price expectation seems reasonable but let’s not discuss Price too much, we will leave that for the market to decide"

  • "The Market is at present very buoyant for your type of property, so good time to sell."

  • "I sold a property last week that was valued at $Price and I achieved 20% above that price."

  • "Auction is the best way to go, as it shortens the whole process, and it will bring the Sale process to an end point"

  • "I will run a pre-auction marketing campaign of 1 month"

  • "I will need a good Marketing Budget to support the campaign to create the awareness"

  • "I am confident we can have your property sold at the Auction if we do all this"

 You are having good feelings (emotion) with an expectation of a quick sale at a good price.

However, there are no guarantees. The whole process seems well thought through and you are emotionally confident that this will happen. BUT, applying the 3 Rules and particularly with Rule # 3, the logic starts to unravel. So consider the following:

  • The idea of using a professional agent is that you are hiring an experienced and knowledgeable person who appreciates the market and has a good understanding of prices and will back it up with a proper Comparative Marketing Analysis. You should also do your own research on the internet and particularly Browse Sold Houses.

  • So not being definite on a realistic Market Price at the beginning only creates a crack which will become a chasm at the end, as this is the most critical part. If you, the vendor, is left with an unrealistic expectation at the beginning due to not doing proper initial research, then you are destined to be disappointed.

  • Examples of sales cannot be just one offs, as they are more likely the exception rather than the rule in the market.

  • At present, clearance rates of Auctions in Queensland are running at around 34%, so you are more likely NOT to get a sale at Auction than achieve one. Worse still your marketing budget was wasted.

  • In the modern world, throwing money at marketing is no guarantee of success. You are much better marketing where it is most effective and that is of course on the internet where most Buyers go to Browse Houses for Sale

Never forget you are the owner of the property and you are risking most, so you need to be in control and information is power.

The old way of Marketing Real Estate is still being maintained even though it is not bringing the results, and costing a lot of money to the vendors. But what you need is to be able to be monitoring the Effectiveness of Real Estate Marketing. Often old systems are held onto past their usefulness only because people get scared of changing just in case they do not get the required result. However, the old system leaves too many things that are simply accepted because it all sounds good as above, until the disappointment at the end. I have never forgotten when in my business I decided fairly early in the development of the internet, that Yellow Pages were no longer working for my business in generating leads like it once did. So I stopped the advertisements and to no avail. But many of my competitors continued because the emotional tie to the advertisement. Yellow Pages even ran TV commercials depicting the trauma of having missed the advertisement. It worked and many people maintained their ads and wasted their money.

Most agents require you to pay for the marketing costs. Therefore it is critical to understand Modern Real Estate Marketing and consider new Innovative Real Estate Marketing Agencies when considering Selling Your Home and not be spending your money on old forms of Outbound Marketing. So please learn for yourself and down load the FREE eBook. Go to Blog attachment to collect