My Wedding Anniversary and Home Loans

Graeme Salt

It was our wedding anniversary this week – and how we celebrated it has surprising link to home loans.


The first thing my wife and I did on our anniversary was go to the gym together. Many of you won’t consider that very romantic – but it was a phenomenal thing for us to do together. In the years B.C.* we were forever exercising together (no this isn't code for anything). One of the good things about this was that it helped us to reconfirm the things that were important to us.


Now, here is the link to home ownership. The average mortgage is for 30 years. It’s impossible for any of us to have exactly consistent goals and values during that period – so it’s often worthwhile reviewing things annually. Here are some of the ways that things might change:

· To balance the family budget you may decide to lock-in a fixed rate as this will give certainty on your outgoings;

· You may need a ‘top-up’ loan to create a rumpus room as children enter your life;

· You could be thinking about buying an investment property; or

· Some are starting to think about their retirement plans and are looking at adding property to their SMSF

Good mortgage brokers diarise annual reviews with their clients. If you have not heard from your bank or broker give them a call and talk about your goals – you may get a surprising result.

*B.C = Before Children


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