Creative Decorating Ideas For Kids' Rooms

Fiona Ruth
Children’s needs and wants may differ, but certain rules for furnishing their rooms endure. For a start, it’s best to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time, so that small changes – such as new bed linen or a squishy beanbag – can freshen things up. Introducing a sense of style encourages kids to take care of their rooms, while personal touches bring out their creative side. 
Here are a few ideas to create rooms that are functional, fun and more importantly, inspiring refuges.

BABY: Start with a mix of gentle tones – rethink the traditional pinks and blues and consider soft greys, purples or soft browns. Then have fun adding sweet decorations that will continue to enchant and relax your child. It’s also crucial to control the light, both day and night, with dimmer lights and block out blinds.

TODDLER: Trigger the imagination with a room that’s evocative yet tidy, captivating but calming. Minimize the clutter and ensure zones are clearly defined to cater for play and sleep. To inspire creativity, include hands-on elements such as a personalized height chart or display shelf for treasures.

TWEEN: Nine to 14-year-old tweens are usually preoccupied with high-tech gadgets and accessories; a desk area with good lighting is essential to display their techno trophies. Tweens also love to show off their passions so a large fabric pin board for them to display artwork, photos and invitations can be inspiring. For downtime, a beanbag or oversized cushions do the trick.