Are Real Estate Agents Selling Property or Hope & Dreams?

Barry Osborne

Buying_a_Farm_not_just_a_home-resized-600It can be a real issue with the Real Estate Industry in that mixed messages are being dispersed whether it is intentionally or not. What is often being given in advice is not the same as that being done in practice. It is important to appreciate that if the Agent’s service is important which is the case as most people are selling their home through their services. But what is critical is that the Agent and Sellers are working together as a team to get the property sold at the agreed price. Therefore both parties must be thinking the same and this will only occur with total honesty between the parties.


There is one sure fact and that there is much emotion tied to your Home. This is so true when you are building a home and your dream home crystallizes in front of you on plans initially and then in solid form on your block of land. It is interesting that no matter how much thought goes into the design there are still issues with features that you thought were good ideas at the time but in reality came up as bad mistakes. It begs the question as to how many houses do you have to build before you get it right? The perfect house has probably never been built, because our needs keep changing. But the drive to perfection, is always the means of innovation. But in this case we are in the creative mode and you are operating from the right side of your brain. But reality is keeping our emotions under control because you are restrained by costs, limited to your approved finance, at every stage of this process.

However when Buying Your Home you are in a total different frame of mind or should be. In this situation, you need to be using totally your rational part of your brain and not being forced into any situation where your heart will over rule your brain. We say this but look what happens:

  1. Sellers often have unrealistic expectations of the price of their home

Why wouldn’t they? They are fed so little information about prices. This is the result of

  • Agents pushing clients to auctions where no price is mentioned. So you look at the Real Estate magazines on Saturday and you simply look at the beautiful pictures with no appreciation as to what they are worth.

  • Properties that are for sale, do not have any price mentioned as well.

  • Properties are sold but once again the price not mentioned.

  • The only news you get are those sales that went better than expected

In some of those situations you could phone the Real estate Agent and maybe be given the information. But realistically, who would do this?  We are often on the internet late at night doing the research and searching many properties.

The modern day internet user expects the information to be available when they want it (businesses ignore this to their own peril).

  1. Agents who do not make the Sellers face the actual market situation, are really Selling Hope.

It is much better to have a listing and to be out there marketing then not marketing. The Hope is that they can achieve a good result if they take the property to Auction with a strong marketing campaign. But look at the results,


This information supplied by rpdata

In Queensland for this last period recorded, the clearance rates are just 35%. That means that nearly 2/3 of the Sellers are going to auctions supported with expensive marketing campaigns only to get no result. Hopefully, some sold soon after the Auction.

The astute sellers & buyers expect to receive the true facts not go into a lottery with few winners


  1. Buyers are attracted to properties that they have no hope in buying

But this builds interest in properties which attracts more buyers supposedly. It is very difficult to know whether you are able to buy a place, when there is no price to set the parameters. If buyers knew what the price was they would immediately say they are within that range or not. But how many are going along to Auctions or looking at properties that are for sale and being told, that they have to put a price on it, and put an offer in. This is once again giving hope that maybe they have a chance when really the agent knows the client won’t accept it.

The Industry would be much better off if the games being played ceased.

The new world of the internet is forcing companies to change their tactics completely. The internet users are more informed and expect to be treated with respect and they are enticed to those companies which are there to give good helpful advice. The information should be readily available so they can make well informed decisions well before they even talk to anyone. They do not want to be manipulated into some sort of contact list unless they are receiving information that is important to them.

If you would like some straight talking with honest opinions on the best option in the Selling Your Home please make contact and also download the ebook "Five Questions to ask yourself before Selling Your Home". Go to original blog